Research is important before purchasing a villa in Halkidiki


Halkidiki, also referred to as Chalkidiki, is located in the northern part of Greece. This peninsula happens to be one of the regional units of the country. Since 1950s, Halkidiki has been one of the top tourist attractions with people from different parts of the world flocking to this beautiful Greek coastal location in summer to spend a great holiday. With the boom of the tourism industry, the demand for housing is now moving up the scale. Many tourists who love to come to this location time and again are showing interest in buying real estate properties in Halkidiki. Many people have been considering Halkidiki as a worthy place for real estate investment. If you want to spend your summer holidays in an aristocratic manner amid the natural beauty of Halkidiki, you can consider buying a Halkidiki villa.


You need to do a lot of research before buying a villa or any other real estate property in Halkidiki. Here are tips that can help you stay away from pitfalls while buying a Halkidiki villa.


•             Shop Around: You should not rush, but shop around, comparing the prices and checking the credentials of a few properties offered by different real estate agencies. The existing properties may be offered by multiple agents and the cost of a single property in Halkidiki may vary. Therefore, it is important to do proper research, choose a few properties that suit your budget and requirements, compare them, and finally choose the best deal.


•             Choose a Reliable Agent: Choose a reliable agent who would help you find the best villa in Halkidiki. But, how do you know if a real e state agent is reliable? It is recommended to make sure that the chosen agent works with a reputed real estate company. An agent representing a well-known real estate company would always try to maintain the repute of his company, and thus work reliably.


•             Buy a Villa with a View: You should make sure that the Halkidiki villa you are buying keeps an unimpeded view. To ensure this, you should buy a property that is located on a slope or on its own high ground.


•             Seek a Lawyer’s Help: You should seek legal advice from a lawyer before buying a villa in Halkidiki. You should follow the Greek property laws while purchasing a villa or any other real estate property in this Greek peninsula.


•             Building Regulations: You should make sure that the villa you are purchasing that been built following the building regulations. You should ensure that a professional architect was made the architectural design of the property. The building regulations of the country require the involvement of an architect in the construction procedure so as to abide by the stringent building standards. You need to check if registered tradesmen have offered appropriate certification for water connections and electricity. If the villa is still in the construction process, you need to get a building license as well as pay taxes for the construction.

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