A total of 5 times, drove between the two teams

1-0-KUN lost o Mangiu scored single Juventus in the Champions League double over Manchester City outlet

3:45 A.M. on November 26, Beijing time, Champions League group d, 5th round, Juventus ‘ home game against Manchester City, cheap fifa 16 ulitimate team coins with manzhujiqi goals, ahead of Juve 1-0 laughs last round of qualification. Unbeaten Juventus 5, rose 11 points to group leaders Manchester City came in second place with 9 points.

A total of 5 times, drove between the two teams, Juventus 2-2-1, scoring 6 goals 4 lost the ball, took home two games 1-1 draw. Both teams in group play for the first time this season, Juventus win 2-1 win, Morata and manzujiqi each scored a goal Chiellini Oolong gift. Juventus ‘ total of 43 ‘s clash with Premier League clubs, with 17 WINS 11-15 record, scoring 52 goals lost 47 goals, took home 12 of 20 field WINS and 5-3 losses; Manchester City a total of 11 times against the Serie a side, 3-5-3, scoring 14 goals threw 12 balls, were guests of 5 games 1-2 and 2.

The first 2 minutes, pogba midfielder out of the most penetrating straight, dibala, slightly impatient, the edge of the box straight volley shot the ball wide of the left post. The first 5 minutes, Navas cross was Andrea Barzagli cleared the bottom line on the right side, feiernandiniao on the back powerfully, rubbing the ball column on the left side flew out of the bottom line. The first 7 minutes, lixishitaina right wing cross, Marchisio 45 degree tilt hanging area, diving off the manzhuji align. The first 9 minutes, Manchester City Defender cleared ineffective dibala volleyed his side near the restricted area arc slightly higher. Click to Buy

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