More Locks Locks After laser removal?

My quite a long ways to experience electrolysis, I treat individuals of all ages and gender crowd, but with a different type of epidermis and locks in color.

Recently I had a client coming to me the number of electrolysis, arguing is not satisfied with the laser treatment outcome of their experience, shoulders, back or chest. In all cases, and, in their opinion, after many treatments, laser grown into hir development, rather than completely remove or reduce locks. They also argue that the locks have become deeper and wider.

Their medical history shows that these customers have mild epidermis excess development hir neck and practices and non-compliance of testosterone. In addition, some have poly cystic ovarian syndrome, adrenal disorders and other conditions that cause excessive lock development. Although the head of the locks have been seen before, it was not that big, thick and dark as when they are finished with your laser therapy treatment device.

Being certified as a clinical – medical electrologist and laser technician and worked in the field of electrolysis since 1997, I am inclined to recommend to their customers (especially women) have electrolysis rather than to have the laser therapy medicinal product status on the head, neck, shoulders and back.

Back to the home: a laser device vs. electrolysis

Hair develops from the dermis. Your epidermal layer of the indentation in which the lock base developed is known as a string. The only part of the life of the locks are found in the string. This is the root, which is known as a light bulb base, and which is a body which produce the lock base. It is this gentle bulb locks on the line, so that the laser and electrolysis oriented when aimed at eliminating hir development.

Given the fact that the line can cause two types of hair: vellus locks, which are light, perfect, and fluffy; and international airports of the locks, which are deeper, coarser and wider, or it could be possible that the use of (laser) light, in some cases, stimulates hair follicles locks, which produces excellent snaps produce International Airport hair?

It is important to draw attention to the fact that the laser device can not treat the individual hair follicles. When used, it treats not only undesirable locks, but the laser device also goes through a lot better epidermis around the side locks, where there is no noticeable or very great locks.

No matter what type of laser device machine methods are used – the diode, alexandrite or long-pulsed Nd: YG – lagging behind the main laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) methods are the same.

When the laser device operator activates the laser device, the laser device will pass through your epidermal layer of tiny bags known as the hair follicle where growth comes hir. The intense heat from the laser device damage locks of hair follicles, which eliminates the development of hir.

The hand piece tip laser device therapy machine must be firmly in contact with your epidermal layer. Several pulses should then be close to each other while looking for the epidermal response. The company also compares the pressure of the epidermis, and locks of hair follicle closer to the surface. Hair origins closer to the surface has a higher chance of absorbing the laser light device.

Unlike laser therapy devices, electrolysis devices to treat only the individual hair follicles. Using cutting-edge technology, a minute amount of electricity is used to close the locks on the base line. This process destroys hir cell development. Therefore, the ability to grow back row locks are completely eliminated.

Without blood flow, the first line will not grow even locks.

There is no doubt in my mind that a much larger number of people are satisfied with their laser device treatment outcomes than those who are not. I do not want to pretend that I know for certain the cause of laser therapy fail to some of these people, and why some people are at greater development hir laser device treated areas.

In my opinion, one of the larger locks after a laser device to treat therapeutic reasons is a radio wave laser device, the use and impact of potential lock-growing tissue there, especially for customers of non-compliance of testosterone and / or whose locks tissues are more sensitive to normal levels of circulating (male sex hormones) androgen.

There is relatively little published research information about the laser therapy device, although a laser device companies to quickly promote their new devices and promising expectations.


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