Unwanted Pop-Ups: Disguising an Tumescent Male Organ

For some men, there’s never a “wrong” time to have a tumescent male organ. An exhibitionist may always welcome a very visible “pup tent,” or a man who is totally at ease may view male organ pop-ups in social or professional situations as just a fact of life. But many men do find that there are times and places where a tumescent male organ is an unwanted distraction. While not a male organ health issue per se, an unwanted tumescent male organ can be a problem for some men, so knowing how to handle this situation can make them feel more comfortable with their manhood in general.

An adolescent experience

Many times, an adult’s discomfort with an unwanted tumescent male organ goes back to their adolescence. Countless teen-age boys have stood in front of classrooms with pop-ups tenting their flies. They have been forced to make a report or awkwardly work out math problems while awkwardly keeping their boner from touching the chalkboard or smart board. And while doing so, they have endured snickers from their classmates and later may have to put up with nicknames from other boys.

Therefore, when a tumescent male organ pops up in their adult lives – as they are giving a presentation at work or meeting their girl friend’s father for the first time – their previous experience greatly increases their embarrassment and discomfort.


So what can a guy do to help lessen the awkwardness he experiences in such situations? The following tips may prove helpful.

Go baggy. Sure, when wanting to impress a partner or potential partner, tight pants can be the way to go. But if a guy is worried about pop-ups, he wants to be able to disguise or hide that tumescent male organ. Baggy trousers allow for the member to expand and stand at attention without attracting undue notice. Sure, some guys are so heavily endowed that this doesn’t work, but for guys of average size, it can make all the difference.

Choose underwear carefully. Every man is different, and his manhood has its own way of reacting to different stimuli. For some guys, the way the member rub against boxers may be more exciting than with briefs – so choosing briefs may be an option. Cotton may cause a different reaction than synthetics. And if a dude associates a certain pair of underwear with hot sensual activity – leave it at home on days when tumescence is not on the menu.

Self-stimulate. If a man is really worried, he may want to simply self-stimulate a half hour or so before that big presentation or before that important cocktail party. Self-pleasuring will decrease the chance that a member will get all excited and restless for the next couple of hours.

Meditate. Some guys find that meditating or practicing yoga can also help them to better control pop-ups. Learning what breathing exercises or visualizations can have a desired temporary “dampening” effect can be invaluable.

Look for hiding places. Scout the room for opportunities to disguise a persistent bulge in the mid-section. If making a speech, take advantage of a podium to hide behind it if the manhood gets playful. Standing behind a high-backed chair at a party can do wonders, as can sitting and crossing one’s legs. As a last resort, standing with one’s hands clasped in front of the mid-section may draw attention to the area – but those with big enough hands may be able to disguise the fact that there’s an active member behind them.

A tumescent male organ at the right time is wonderful, so a guy shouldn’t let unwanted pop-ups put him off his game. He still wants to regularly use a superior male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to encourage greater male organ health. The best cremes will contain L-carnitine, an amino acid which has neuroprotective abilities to help maintain a proper degree of manhood sensitivity. The crème should also include, vitamin C, a key component of collagen, a tissue in the body that gives skin its tone and elasticity.

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