Slatwall Commerce Unveils Major Enhancements to Its Headless Commerce Platform

(1888 PressRelease) New release includes advanced subscription commerce capabilities, enhanced promotion engine, new javascript SDK, and more.

Worcester, MA-CT – Slatwall Commerce today announced the release of Slatwall Commerce 6.0, the latest version of its headless commerce platform. To continue providing tools and services that make it easier for marketing, business and development teams to easily build and launch modern eCommerce storefronts, this latest version has focused on new features and integrations, and functionality enhancements that support the creation of cutting-edge user experiences.

Key upgrades include revamped subscription selling capabilities, including scheduled order and recurring deliveries. The all-in-one subscription commerce feature set in Slatwall Commerce includes subscription product management, billing, and customer service management tools as part of the core, but now scheduled order products can be created and sold through the storefront, or customers can be given the option to subscribe to any product for ongoing delivery. Each of the subscription deliveries is connected to a customer account and utilizes their address book and saved billing profile for a seamless customer experience.

Slatwall Commerce’s already robust promotions engine gets a significant upgrade in the new release – featuring more control over the promotion options, messaging and types of qualifiers. Marketing teams now have more access to eCommerce data to deliver the best performing promotions. This means that marketing teams can create specific promotional criteria for rewards and qualifications based on the entire database within Slatwall, improving customer targeting, delivering more relevant promotions while increasing sales, and reducing margin reduction due to over discounting.

Other new features include an entirely new set of wishlist features where customers and sales representatives can now create lists of “saved” products as part of their account profiles. A new data importing toolset anticipates the challenge of migrating existing storefronts to Slatwall Commerce, allowing bulk data updates and migration to be faster and more accessible to developers. Slatwall Commerce v6 also includes enhanced multi-language support and address validation as well as new integrations with Braintree and Nexio payment management solutions.

Finally, Slatwall Commerce’s new JavaScript SDK makes it easier to work with and connect to its full-coverage API to build headless commerce storefronts. With the new SDK, development teams will have a new toolset available to rapidly build storefronts with custom user experiences.

“Slatwall Commerce v6 represents our strong commitment to the feedback provided by our diverse community of partners, clients, and users,” said David Crouch, CEO of Slatwall Commerce. “We’re thrilled to be able to continue to provide a complete set of customer-focused features and tools that support the creation of modern eCommerce storefronts.”

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About Slatwall Commerce
Slatwall Commerce is a modern eCommerce platform that combines enterprise features with headless commerce flexibility. Our single-tenant software-as-a-service platform powers a wide range of B2B and B2C enterprises, empowering them to create engaging customer experiences while managing products, orders, accounts, inventory, fulfillment, marketing, customer service, and reporting in a single solution. Slatwall SaaS is cloud-based and includes robust 24/7 customer support.

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