Dr. BethAnne KW’s Revelations of The Sky selected as 2021 Book Award Winner

(1888 PressRelease) BethAnne Kapansky Wright, Licensed Psychologist empowers people to transcend grief in her award-winning books. Honest, authentic, and heartfelt, “Lamentations of The Sea” offers perspectives on loving and losing through a spiritual, psychological, and personal lens leaving the reader with a sense of understanding, comfort, and hope. Dr. BethAnne explores grief upon the sudden death of her brother.

Award-Winning Author, Master Teacher, Licensed Psychologist, Artist, and Choreographer, Dr. BethAnne KW’s self-help book “Revelations of The Sky” (Golden Dragonfly Press, 2020) captures the true essence of transforming from shattering loss and grief amid taking a tremendous life-changing leap of faith. Readers are gently held and empowered to their life-altering healing and transformation.

In her Lamentations Trilogy of books, Dr. BethAnne’s third book has been awarded the Bronze Award in the Enlightenment/Spirituality category of the 2021 Living Now Book Awards, recognizing this year’s best “Books for Better Living.” For the thirteenth year, winning books were chosen for their ability to enrich readers’ lives, provide inspiration, and promote global sustainability.

“Many of this year’s medal-winning authors offer positive ways to channel some of the dream and anxiety, so many of us have been feeling,” says Awards Director Amy Shamroe. “Books can unite, books can inspire, and books can instruct us as to how we can live our best lives now.”

Living Now Book Award winners are all about changing lives and changing the world.

Filled with healing and insight: “Revelations” invites the reader to reflect on their unique circumstances, possibility, and the remarkable changes that occur when we say yes to love and the voice of our soul. Dr. BethAnne proffers an elegant agent to her journey filled with unexpected twists that ultimately bring the author deeper into the universe’s heart and the reader’s soul journey.

So, how does one heal and transform soul-gutting loss while drowning in the unforeseen forces of our rapidly shifting, chaotic world?

“Revelations” intuitively connects to the readers’ soul, and delivers hope, inspiration, guidance, encouragement, and an expansive view of someone who elegantly and fully surrenders her heart to the sacredness of grieving and its transformative force.

In many ways, I feel this story was writing me long before I wrote the story. That is how the soul unfolds: it writes and sings us and moves us into being when we say yes to its call. Mostly I hope these words encourage you to explore the possibility of you, to find the love in grief, to bravely allow for your highest expression, and to keep working on your unique and beautiful relationship with your heart, for that is always where our truest wealth always lays.
– Dr. BethAnne KW

Dr. BethAnne’s transformative Lamentations Trilogy includes her Silver Nautilus Award Winner for Grief and Loss, “Lamentations of The Sea,” a lighthouse in the dark for anyone who has known loss. “Lamentations” is a sincere, compassionate, and honest look at healing through the depths of surrender to grief. The second of the three books is “Transformations of the Sun: 122 passages on finding new life after loss.”

In addition to her busy speaking and teaching event schedule, Dr. BethAnne is a nine-time author, including a beautiful children’s book. Dr. BethAnne is also the gifted illustrator for all of her books, available on Amazon as softcover copy and Kindle here: https://amzn.to/2WNXvZ9. Additionally, you will find daily inspiration and guidance from Dr. BethAnne on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/dr.bethannekw/

ABOUT Dr. BethAnne KW
Dr. BethAnne K.W. (BethAnne Kapansky Wright, PsyD, LP) is deeply passionate about inspiring authentic change in others. As a Spiritual Psychologist, Intuitive Channel, Author, Master Teacher, and Artist, she blends the worlds of psychology (science) and spirit to offer dynamic teaching on personal transformation and personal development.

Dr. BethAnne’s life underwent a profound change after her brother’s abrupt and sudden death in 2016. However, her traumatic loss resulted in a parting gift, that of extraordinary intuition and psychic abilities. Thus, she is known as the Psychic Psychologist.

Through her unique healing gifts of word magic, multidimensional wisdom, and heart-based transmissions, and as an award-winning author on grief, Dr. BethAnne provides answers and guidance blended from her therapeutic background to the higher spiritual perspective to people’s life challenges and questions. Individuals can then understand their soul language, needs, and purpose while transforming blocks, anxiety, trauma, fears, and loss.

Dr. BethAnne provides consultations to Corporate C-Suite members, business owners, healers, and those focused on personal or leadership growth. She guides us to ask the right questions and understand the depths and all aspects of the answers to move us forward, heal, grow, expand, and enjoy enduring personal power, self-mastery, freedom, joy, and resilience.

If you would like more information on Dr. BethAnne’s books, events, and private sessions, please visit https://www.bethannekw.com.


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