New Stress Management Teaching Materials Released

1888 Press Release -Symonds Research and training have released their latest product for freelance and corporate trainers, with the ‘Stress Management Trainers Pack’ now available.

Stress in the workplace is something that is gaining much greater awareness these days, as employee wellbeing is taken more seriously by many companies.

As a company, stressed employees can result in staff absence, unhappy staff, and staff who can be unproductive and who lack motivation.

Control the stress that your managers and other employees experience and the productivity and employee retention numbers tend to greatly improve.

Certain stress will always exist given that we often have deadlines and workloads that are sometimes challenging.

There are techniques though for reducing stress, for changing the thought process and how we deal with stress at work, and how best to deal with workplace worries.

The latest trainers teaching materials package from Symonds Research provides everything you need as a corporate trainer to provide workshops in workplace stress management.

The materials include a full PowerPoint slide deck, trainer’s manual, and teacher’s manual.
This course is the latest of the workplace wellness materials designed by Symonds Research.

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