FitIn and HealthKwote Announce Strategic Partnership to Fitness Businesses

1888 Press Release – This strategic partnership announcement is creates value for an important demographic in our society – fitness trainers, who help us all stay healthy. FitIn and HealthKwote have joined forces to provide the tools and services for fitness businesses to generate increased income, while streamlining their operations to increase efficiency and get them back into the gym faster with their next client.

Toronto & Hamilton, Canada – HealthKwote and FitIn announced today that they have entered into a long-term strategic partnership that will accelerate growth for both companies. This partnership combines two platforms that were designed to enable fitness professionals to manage their business, generate record profits for themselves, all while streamlining the experience for their customers.

With technology playing an ever-increasing role in the fitness and supplement markets, these two e-commerce sites have focused on providing their affiliated businesses with the services and robust tools they need to run their businesses smoothly and efficiently – allowing them to focus on their core business proposition: education and coaching their customers in their health and fitness goals.

The partnership provides partner discounts to FitIn’s and HealthKwote’s affiliate businesses. HealthKwote provides FitIn affiliates with a preferred commission structure, while FitIn has agreed to provide a free one-year subscription to HealthKwote customers upon signup on the FitIn marketplace.

“I’m very excited to partner FitIn with HealthKwote, because their business model allows fitness and health professionals to increase their income through sales of products that they are already recommending to their clients,” says FitIn CEO Catherine Chan. “HealthKwote provides transparency and education to their customers about product ingredients, as well as superior customer service – all of which are important to us at FitIn, also.”

Chan adds, “FitIn is committed to providing resources to an industry that has long been the cornerstone of our collective health, and who have been unfairly burdened by the last two years. FitIn is an affordable business management and marketing solution, but there are other aspects to owning a fitness business that we don’t solve, and it’s our hope that we can continue to provide partner discounts that bring value to our affiliates.”

“The reason that this partnership excites me,” says Kevin Decloux, CEO of HealthKwote, “is because both FitIn and HealthKwote have the same mission of enabling personal trainers and fitness studios alike. The platforms have such unique and complementary tools that help our health superheroes secure new clients, manage their business and time more efficiently, while unleashing an entirely new organic value to their clients, helping them differentiate from their competition. Ultimately, we believe that this will translate into hundreds if not thousands of dollars in incremental monthly revenue for our passionate users while at the same time freeing up extensive hours of bandwidth to scale their business to the next level.”

About HealthKwote:
HealthKwote is the only supplement-centric platform that transforms personal trainers into smart, automated supplement stores while addressing the biggest consumer-facing problem the market faces today… TRANSPARENCY.

There’s no hiding the fact that consumers have been conditioned to purchase supplements based on marketing messaging, ad-spend and margins while navigating this chaotic landscape in stores or online. Which is extremely difficult if you’re not a PHD. The traditional channels are overburdened with products that all appear to do the same thing, but have entirely different ingredients and formulas.

HealthKwote simplifies the science behind each ingredient listed in a product to ensure labels match and exceed expectations. We’re enabling trainers to seamlessly share this knowledge and recommend hyper-personalized protocols to each unique client without having to deal with suppliers, inventory or fulfillment. Consumers can now support an individual or community that they trust wholeheartedly and purchase products from entities that care far more about their overall health rather than just the bottom-line.

About FitIn:
FitIn is a newly-launched fair-trade fitness and wellness platform. It’s a place where customers can find fitness and wellness classes quickly and easily, and book securely in seconds right in the platform. Go to to be inspired by the selection (more classes are being added every week) and get help from certified professionals in achieving your health goals.

FitIn is designed for self-employed fitness and mental wellness professionals and includes a full business management suite behind the customer marketplace. It’s perfect for personal trainers, self-employed coaches and therapists and independent instructors, as it provides tools to both run their business as well as connect with new clients. As a social enterprise, FitIn advocates for a strong, healthy fitness and wellness industry, and actively works toward the goals of five of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

For questions or interviews, please contact:
Catherine Chan
CEO, FitIn
720 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5S 2R4
hello ( @ ) fitin dot io

Kevin Decloux
CEO, HealthKwote
hello ( @ ) healthkwote dot com

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