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Acquire New Skills by Online Safety Training at CSEM

Acquiring new skills and enhancing your existing ones is crucial for surviving in today’s competitive market. Employees working in any sector whether government agencies, corporate or commercial industries need to gain new skills to have extensive knowledge and understanding about diverse job roles. Specialization in one field can limit your promotional opportunities and can also […]

CSEM – Onsite Safety Training

Your employees should all have basic occupational safety and health training which in some states is now required by law. Other businesses that find you do not meet the right certifications and compliancy will take their business elsewhere as well. Injuries and even untimely deaths can result if employees work in dangerous conditions without the […]

Csem – Safetycourse

There is a multitude safety courses offered at Center for Safety and Environmental Management also known as CSEM Inc. The safety course you would need for just about any type of OSHA training is available for you to take in a variety of different ways.  Center for Safety and Environmental Management offers online safety courses […]

CSEM – Safety Training

Taking into account that health and safety training forms a critical part of several industries, employers need to find the right safety training which will allow employers and safety officers to quickly identify potential dangers which may exist in the workplace, and safety training which will afford them the knowledge of how best to react […]

NERA – The National Employment Rights Authority

About Nera The National Employment Rights Authority (NERA) was established on an interim basis by the Government in February 2007 on foot of a commitment in the most recent social partnership agreement, Towards 2016. NERA will be established on a statutory basis in 2008. NERA aims to secure compliance with employment rights legislation and to […]