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Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor is a systems used to calculate a score for each employee’s absence is a year. The higher the score, the more disruption the employees absence is causing your company. Bradford scores are a way of identifying individuals with serious absence and patterns of absence worthy of further investigation. It helps highlight causes […]

Give your business profits new heights with lead management software

For any business the importance of leads is undeniable. And therefore it is most essential to have a proper management system for the leads. The lead management for any website plays a very important role. One the proper functioning of the lead management for your business depends how better you can manage your leads and […]

Choice of a lead management software for better business prospects

Lead management is the most essential thing for any company to grow in business and to get the maximum returns from it. For better sales better lead management is always the most essential thing. Thus for better sales it is always needful to have some sort of well planned system that can help you with […]

Lead management software and the fields if its utility

For the proper management of any business whether be it a small firm or a large scale business concern it is essential to have an effective system of lead management and only through that it is possible to have a better growth in the business and to gain maximum profit. This is one of the […]

Better business management with the various utility of the lead management software

As it is a very common factor that the leads play a very important role in any business. In fact for any business it is always essential to search for prospective clients. But it is often seen that there always remains a large volume of lads that aren’t follow up on and because of this […]