English Has Served As a Lingua Franca

The increasing use of steam-driven ships and the opening of the Suez Canal voided the island’s strategic purpose as a refreshment station. With the exception of a short-lived flax industry (which ended in 1965 when the British postal service switched to cheaper synthetic fibre), no industry has provided a viable means of sustaining the island. […]

The Pratchett’s Nation

Older students are more likely to know Pratchett’s name than are their teachers because of Pratchett’s Discworld fantasies, of which tens of millions have been sold. Pratchett’s Nation is his first book for a young adult audience and it is the adventure of all adventures—like the television show Lost, except set a couple of hundred […]

2008 Honor List—A Shifting of Paradigms

Every year after we have looked at the prize winners and the annual “Best Book” lists coming from the American Library Association committees and from editors of such publications as School Library Journal, Booklist, the New York Times, and Amazon.corn’s teen books, we settle down for a month or so of wonderful reading. What struck […]

Developing Criteria and Creating Rubrics for Creativity

In developing criteria to measure creativity or imagination in student work, we must not rate the creative level of the student or the product, but the evidence of students’ use of creative thinking and skills. Clear criteria for creative thinking in the process can teach students how to be creative and can develop creativity by […]

Information about Fix in English Language

By metaphorical extension, we might understand the clouds to have intention. Metaphorical extension is important because it is the means by which a given construction breaks from contextual constraints and comes to appear in a wider variety of contexts (Hopper & Traugott, 2003:104). Replica Jaeger LeCoultre When used with inanimate subjects however, the interpretation of […]