Wearing a Replica Watch, a Smart Trend

In the last article, I wrote about “Wearing Watch, a Trend”. Soon after, I realize that the smarter trend is to wear a replica watch. To proper guide the general public, I decided to write one more article, titled “Wearing a Replica Watch, a Smart Trend”. To illustrate my point, I go with two aspects. […]

Wearing Watch, a Trend

A few days ago, my little brother asked me to buy a watch for him. He has never worn a watch before. So I asked: Why do you need a watch? You never wear watch. He explained to me that he needs a watch to know the time. I doubted and asked again: don’t you […]

Seiko New Generation E-Ink Watch

The illustrious watch manufacturer Seiko has redefined the frontiers of mechanical achievement by introducing its revolutionary breathtaking Seiko new generation E-Ink watch, experiencing its world premiere at Baselworld 2010. The latest Seiko E-Ink watch features sturdy construction and a meticulously elaborated powerful design, created according to the stringent standards of the iconic brand. The technology […]

Girard-Perregaux Opera One Sapphire Dial Watch

Girard Perregaux surprised the world of watchmaking, having presented its Opera One Sapphire Dial watch, the first ever created. The timepiece boasts an absolutely innovative ultra-thin, high-contrast display, quipped with tourbillon and minute repeater complications. This spectacular timekeeper is animated by the brand’s signature GP9899 hand-wound movement, which can be admired via the semi-transparent tinted […]

What’s Important in Replica Watches Buying

Replica watches buying has become very popular nowadays. One of the main reasons is that replica watches are surprisingly less expensive than the authentic ones while their quality is comparable to the authentic ones. However, there are a few things need to pay attention to in a satisfying replica watches buying. No.1 is to find […]