Across the board price cut 10 million refrigeration Suning Alliance Resource eme

Suning start the eighth week of the refrigerator section, there is good performance. June 6, the "cooling Union" 100 million units have been put into special market sales of popular models. Meanwhile, following the Siemens occasion to Suning 8th refrigerator Festival, launched in the country in nearly three years after the biggest price cuts, across the board this week also joined the promotional refrigerator category "battle group", also led to consumption of Ruqierzhi blowout. In the event the second week, Suning will continue to carry strong "cooling Union", the full participation of price cuts, additional resources of 10 million yuan nationwide none other, another "Variety", "Double Excellence" refrigerator Pratt & Whitney storm.

Su Ning, "Variety" hit 07 fridge and updating speed

Throughout the summer, rising temperatures, product innovation, promotion of a strong pull to become the driving force behind the refrigerator hot. Su Ning's refrigerator section from the opening of a week straight gains across the board sales data, a number of the refrigerator market competition, "efficient, stylish, multi door, multi-temperature, fresh, energy" has become the competitive weapon of the six, these six models refrigerator section as the current hot spots are widely concerned about the consumer, as Suning refrigerator "Variety" an essential element of the individual needs of consumers overall arrival times.

Suning Appliance refrigerator, washing machine, general manager of the money into the construction business, said consumer demand to stimulate the current consumer market, speed up the refrigerator manufacturers to the pace of product upgrades. Suning examine the characteristics of the consumer market the refrigerator, as the industry leader, Siemens in the first week following the hand in the refrigerator industry to build low prices after the decisive Union this week in turn Haier, Siemens, Samsung, Hisense, Midea, a new fly, Yung Sheng, Meiling, Matsushita, LG refrigerator factory ten off "second shock."

Su Ning said the refrigerator section of the current wave of "second shock" will lead the new round of early upgrading of the refrigerator market, creating the refrigerator, "Variety," the first year. In the upgrade process, "the end of low efficiency" has become the loudest voice in the market, Suning will be the starting point, to promote energy-efficient refrigerator.

In energy-efficient, the "Variety" and more specific performance reflected in the appearance and design. According to reports, more than 90% of households are now upgrading the choices of the 200-300 liter capacity refrigerator, but this factory in a multi-temperature refrigerator temperature region, high-added functions to increase the technical content of the refrigerator, the most representative is the three refrigerator. Suning announced this week, pushing efforts to increase the three main refrigerator. At the same time, personalized four door, five-door, six door, etc. Also this week, the whole family series debut. Among the new handle design, handles from explicit into hidden, embedded handles, and adding a combination of nano-materials refrigerator handle. Appearance from the ordinary flat design to the artistic style of design, to meet the individual needs of different consumers.

"Double Excellence" across the board pushed the quality of life much blitz

Recent color, and preservation of the "Double Excellence" concept popular hot pet market, consumers of home decoration, "critical" to forge the broad market color board. Color tone is compared to, and preservation of function seems to break into people's vision earlier. As consumers upgrade the overall quality of life, this consumer demand in the refrigerator section at the start of this year, Suning demand trend on the show. Introduction of money into the building, this week, Suning will lineup for the first week of the refrigerator thermal upgrade, cooling ten hundreds of kinds of brand "Double Excellence" new, boutique refrigerator product debut, and spare no effort in the price will be " Double Excellence "series of comprehensive promotion, heavy volume sales.

Said that in the next "second shock" in Suning devaluation of the "Double Excellence" new type of refrigerator color board will focus on the main push technology even more astute, both for the first time into the high-tech, fashion Elements, such as Siemens KK20V71, Samsung BCD-252MJGR, Hisense BCD-211TD color from white series products to silver, red, blue, orange, golden series, dealing with a variety of colors and very elegant, to meet consumer fashion individual pursuit.

In the "fresh" side, surging in the preservation of the concept, while keeping intelligent, humane design is that consumers favor for me.

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