The four giant projection of four flagship home projectors Competition

present in the country who engage in domestic machines Who is the first to eat crab only throw money, the fact is that, these companies generally through home machine or a foreign national non-profit or the profit to subsidize the domestic machine and drive the domestic home


Market development. Epson, InFocus,


Sanyo these four


Are committed to home projector has dared to the development of four major global brands, their country home projector market, the positive projection for the promotion of China's domestic market contributing factor, brand strength, product quality and good after-sale protection and so there is their selling point.

Review 2005 home projector market, and we may lament did not achieve the breakthrough, but the intention to guide and promote the development of China's home projector market, several major manufacturers have moved Querang author. We all know that console currently in the country engaged in crab who dares eat the first one is throwing money, this is the true, these companies generally through home machine or a foreign national non-profit or profit to subsidize domestic machine and spur home projector market. Epson, InFocus, Sony, Sanyo has been daring the four brands are committed to the development of home projectors four global brands, their country home projector market, the positive projection for the promotion of China's domestic market can not function wipe, brand strength, product quality and good after-sale has been protection of their selling points. Today, we introduce the four were the four giant flagship projector home projector.

Epson EMP-TW600

Market Analysis: Epson EMP-TW600 early in October 2005 listing, which is listed a few days ago, it is not clear at present prices, estimated at 1,999, equivalent to around 20,000 yuan. But


Market reaction will be as mobile repair price.

Epson EMP-TW600

Product selling point: This is the Epson EMP-TW600

Home Theater

Projector "dreamio" series, the most high-end model, using the D5


A resolution of 1280×720, a contrast ratio of 5,000:1, with 170W of UHE (E-TORL) bulb as a light source, brightness of 1600 lumens, excellent performance, as well as its equipped with a 10bit

Image Processing

Circuit, with H


I and VGA input, performance, very strong.

Product performance: EMP-TW600 EMP-TW500 as a follow-up model, using a 0.7 inch 1280 * 768 of the latest D5 panel and 3



Liquid crystal

3, plate) approach. Lens with 1.5 times zoom lens, can be achieved in the shortest possible the 100-inch projection of 3.0m. 3 equipped with a screen up and down the largest, most about 2 manual lens shift function screen, but also features digital keystone correction (maximum ± 15 degrees). Comparison of the previous generation TW500, the improved


Performance and dichroic mirror to further breakthroughs in technology. One acclaimed "Theatre Black" model in the TW600 into further expansion, "Theatre Black (1) and (2)" additional "Theatre Black 1" mode to reproduce the film presence, like a feeling of exposure to cinema. In addition, TW600 a large number of manual adjustment mechanism, from the simple to the complex color adjustments manually set values ranging GAMMA, GAMMA which also can click on the screen pixel color correction output performance, and has never


Friends of the pursuit!

Editorial comments: EMP-TW600 is another new choice for AV enthusiasts, the new D5 panel, with HDMI, "theater black" mode, and a lot of manual adjustment mechanism, these are the AV fans have been waiting for. And the EMP-TW600 features a rich, good overall performance, projection effect, the crowd in a new round of their main front to provide strong weight.

Infocus ScreenPlay7205

Market Analysis: November 2004, Infocus ScreenPlay series released its line of home projectors in the industry shock, InfocusScreenPlay7205 in the series are in the high-end home theater market, it is equipped with a number of video optimization technologies that can enable families comparable as possible cinema projector audio-visual enjoyment.

Infocus ScreenPlay7205

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