Finding Your Reseller Niche Of Cellular Phone Accessories

The cell phone business has grown as an extremely fast rate over the last decade. It’s gone from those large bulky gray cell phones that people were carrying around in the 80’s to an almost science fiction device that people are using now. It truly is amazing how the cell phone industry has grown, and along with the creation of the mobile phone business another has risen to prominence as well – the cellular phone accessories business.

Think about it, there are tons of different accessories for your mobile phone these days. From a pouch to protect, and carry your cell phone to water proof cases to keep it nice and dry. Plus faceplates to make it look like the coolest phone on the block. There’s an almost unlimited amount of possibilities to accessorize your cell phone. In addition, you really know the necessity of having the right mobile phone accessories when you accidentally drop your phone, or worse yet – drop it into water! Accessories can literally be a life saver, because your communication with the outside World would be severed if something ever happened to your phone and you wouldn’t want this to happen at a critical moment in time out in the middle of nowhere if you’re lost.

With this in mind it would be extremely easy to take advantage and begin selling high quality mobile phone accessories. You can start with faceplates or even phone cases, however it’s important to keep things simple in the beginning and start out with a few items to sell. Then once you start building a fairly sizable customer base, you’ll be able increase your products options and order more cool cell phone gear to sell to people or businesses.

One of the best things that you can do when getting inventory is by buying wholesale and in bulk. Plus you’ll find when you buy in volume online there are plenty of great deals and discounts that you can take advantage of. Before you begin buying products, make sure that you know what the latest products, and trends are. Checking out the latest gear in Wireless Consumer Research, and other trade publications is a great way to find out what’s hot and what’s not as many do a great job of keeping track of all of the current trends and fads.

The last thing that you want is for people to leave your business just because you couldn’t sell the right cell phone cases or cell phone skins. This is why you need to stay ahead of the game and make sure that you are one of best in your niche. So long as you do this and are consistent you should be fine.

Now the big question; how are you going to sell cell phone accessories? You could set up a nice storefront in a good location, or you could go with a fully functional website complete with shopping cart and check out options, and you would then simply ship your customers the accessories ordered online. Of course you could do both, however to keep overhead low and to get started cost effectively, selling mobile phone accessories through a website would be your best choice, because the majority of cellular phone owners have access to the Internet and do a lot of shopping online.

After you set up your website, you will need a way to draw targeted traffic to it, and there are many online advertising services that can help you get the job done cost effectively, however the biggest players are Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN Adcenter for “Pay Per Click” (PPC) advertising which will allow you to get very targeted exposure almost instantly! Plus again you will want to keep in mind that the niche you are looking for shouldn’t have a ton of competitors, so you have a good chance of getting top ten rankings in the major search engines under your best keywords. Whether it be by doing pay per click, or Search Engine Optimization.

In summing things up, these are a few ideas for finding and buying the most popular cellular phone accessories to help you get started on the right track. and with do diligence you’ll be up and running in your own accessory business before you know it.

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