Unsatisfied Partner Wants To Swing For Better Sex

John had not always been a swinger. John married Susan over 20 years ago. They married right out of high school and had three children. But because of complications with the birth of their third child Susan developed dyspareunia which made intercourse too painful for her to endure. John was able to accommodate Susan’s acquired frigidity for a while, but eventually the lack of sex became a problem for him. They both still loved each other very much, but Susan knew that John was too young and to male to be celibate for the rest of his life. That’s when the two of them turned to swingers and swinging.

Swingers provided a solution to John and Susan that might have destroyed many other good marriages. Within the swinger community John was able to satisfy his sexual tensions in a way that might not have been possible without swingers. Swingers approach sex and intimacy different than most couples in that they see sex as primarily as recreational. Many swingers and swinger couples frequently engage in sex with other couples and singles on a regular basis. Some are strangers, some are friends, and some are lovers. But for John and Susan, swinging provided the perfect outlet for sexual tension and frustration that John desperately needed without running the risk of becoming entangled in a long-term love relationship with another woman that would threaten their marriage.

This story of couples turning to swinging as a solution for sexual dysfunction is not uncommon. Couples where the woman is frigid or where men are impotent are increasingly turning to the swinging lifestyle and websites like Swinger Social Network to solve an important problem in otherwise healthy and loving relationships. Swingers have few hang ups and are usually very open-minded about sex. Many swinger couples are very supportive and accommodating to husbands whose wife is no longer interested in sex and have given them permission to have sex with other swingers. The same is true about women whose husband can no longer perform. Many swinger couples happily invite married women to their bed without judgment. To learn more, go to www.SwingerSocial.com (SSN).


Author: The author is a pronounced advocator of social media groups. This piece is a part of his take on the way local Swinging clubs can mingle with similar lifestyles by way of oncoming sites like Swingers Social Network.

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