Earning Money through Reseller SEO Services

There is a great demand of quality SEO services these days because of the stiff competition to stay on the first page on several keywords. It is quite evident that over 90% of traffic comes through search engines, which is the reason there is a need for hiring the SEO services. The high demand of SEO services has been the reason for the germination of reseller SEO services that is slowly become popular among people who want to earn some money by referring a provider or by marketing their services.

Understanding Reselling

Reselling is just like any white label affiliate program where you do not have to provide the actual service but you pose as one that is actual provider by having your own marketing collaterals like website etc. The technical guidance and assistance are provided by the SEO firm on whose behalf you are actually reselling the SEO service. Once you get a client then all you need to do is to source his requirements to the concerned SEO Company. Entire SEO elated job will be handled by the firm whereas you will get your own share say 10 -25% of the project’s cost. In many cases the SEO firm will say that anything above amount “X” will be yours so you get the projects cost inflated to say 1.25X , 1.5 X, 2X or above depending on your marketing skills.

Who can be a reseller?

By now you must have understood that reselling is not a tough job and anybody can become a reseller. All you need to be a good reseller is effective communication and presentation skills because projects are won or lost on these two critical aspects. So, it is better to learn from the experts who have clinched several deals or if you are really willing then you can ask for the concerned SEO firm to train you in these aspects. Fluency in English is a must to be a good reseller.

If you want to start with reseller SEO services then you must have some knowledge of the domain, the services or products of the concerned SEO firm and the most important part is to link up with competent SEO firm. You can get one or two project initially but in the longer run, it is the performance that will speak for your behalf and performance can only come if you tie-up with genuine and knowledgeable SEO service providers.

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