Why SME’s Need to Invest in Data Protection Solution?

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)  are often under the wrong notion of possessing  adequate data security, withmost of them using the latest anti-virus and spyware software, but is that enough? Small and middle scale enterprises often think that since they are not as huge as an MNC they need not worry about any cyber threats with hackers and third party intruders hacking their systems. However, the truth is that cyber criminals today have upped their skills and has devised innovative ways of data thefts targeting the SME’s.

How hackers gain access to the SME data

SME’s might be well secured by a firewall protection but hackers still have other entry points. To name one would be the E-mail attachments where opening only one piece of malware will open the door and might leave the company exposed and vulnerable to data thefts. Hackers need not be sophisticated in order to be detrimental when planting security breaches. Some hackers today undertake a low-tech strategy and contact employees directly under the pretense of a network advisor and ask for passwords to enhance security and other private data. This is termed as “Phishing” and can also corrupt computing devices along with serious data losses. Hence, SME’s today needs a comprehensive data protection solution that can safeguard them against data thefts.

Keeping this in mind, leading service providers specializing in identity access management have introduced high-end data protection solutions that comprise of the following phases:

Designing and Strategy
This phase concentrates on assessing the company’s data security needs and arrives at an effective data classification strategy. After this, the solution assesses the critical data based on aspects such as how it is used, shared, who owns it and the like. The assessment helps in forming a systematized data protection framework.

Control and Integration
This phase assists the SME’s  to deploy advanced security and data protection technologies, for instance data leakage prevention, information/ digital rights management and other encryption tools.

Sustenance and Optimization
This is the last phase helping SME’s to optimize and fine tune the technology implementation for reducing KPI reporting’s, false positives, and implementing a meticulous incident and consequence management framework for continuous vigilance.

Therefore, when it comes to data security, resorting to additional measures other than an anti-virus software is a smart decision and has long term benefits. It is always better to join hands with an able service provider that undertakes a modular yet holistic approach in order to assess, transform as well as sustain data protection.

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