Knowledge management and collaborative decision making go hand in hand

Wouldn’t it be great if you could always access data that would allow you to make decisions better? The most critical mistake in decision making is not using data. There are many individuals and groups that make decisions basis their gut feel and this is a cardinal mistake. Collaborative decision making is easier and more accurate when you have some form of base point to look at. It is possible to use simple applications for knowledge management where all data pertaining to management decisions can be stored.


The concept of knowledge management is rather common in any corporate environment. Today when companies create content and make decisions they don’t want others to get access to all the data. The right kind of security was not available earlier but using some of the simplest web applications one can retain all data without fear of leakage. And this stored data can be used for various purposes, no more important than collaborative decision making.


Linking knowledge management to collaborative decision making may sound alien to you but think about it – when you have data and precedents to back on isn’t it much easier to make decisions? Think about making a specific business decision. Wouldn’t this be facilitated when you have access to the prior decision that was made in a similar situation? The group may decide something else altogether but what is important here is that they have something to base their decision upon. This is what you get when you are able to store data.


Using an online knowledge management tool has many more benefits apart from facilitating collaborative decision making. As an organization you can constantly learn and improve because you have access to all the decisions that have been taken. Every decision that is taken by a group can be stored on the cloud securely and if you want you can even share the data with outside people so that a review can be done. Peer reviews of decisions can also be done because the data is always available. And most importantly you can evaluate group and individual decisions taken and identify the best in your organization in this matter. This surely will help you create a leadership pipeline.


Organizations thrive on the decisions that are taken at various levels. Some decisions are taken on individual levels and some are taken in groups. What is most important that right decisions are taken more often than not. When you have the option to facilitate right decision making why not use it? You will be helping everyone.


You may not have thought that technology can help collaborative decision making in such a simple way. Many organizations are still not aware of such online knowledge management tools but these tools exist and for good reason. If you want to see how one such tool works go through a trial period of a month and you can then decide whether to use the tool in its full version. Don’t worry – you will be suitably impressed.

Use a knowledge management tool for collaborative decision making and you will find that the group can collaborate effectively to make any decision.

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