The importance of wearing amethyst Jewelry

The color purple is not something that is found in abundance, especially when it comes to jewelry. The gemstone in purple is called amethyst. Considered a color of royalty and one that brings about an aura of spiritual energy, this color was used in ancient times only on royalty robes and important clothes.

In earlier times the purple amethyst was worn with the intention of protecting people from drunkenness. In Greek mythology the purple color of amethyst is compared to the tears of their God of festivities named Dionysis. Even in modern times people consider wearing amethyst jewelry when in the process of recovering from substance abuse.

The different shades of purple like violet, lilac, burgundy and magenta along with purple is considered to prevent people from thinking evil that keep them away from spiritualism. The color in all is said to take one closer to God by removing feelings of self-pity and escapism.

Also called the color of freedom because of its capability of allowing to follow divinity. Being a pure color it attracts a lot of teenagers to it. This is because even though initially teenagers can be rebellious, after a time of wearing the color purple they realize the importance of the divine power and thereby tame down.

Amethyst provides the most adoring color in the gemstone family. Being a prestigious member of the Quartz and is very highly considered. People these days are being more inclined to amethyst as they recognize its importance and value. They strive very hard these days to get some form of amethyst jewelry, be it rings or earrings added to their valuables. To add to these the metaphysical value also increases its demand. If one wishes to overpower negativity one can place the purple gemstone in their workstation. The sole purpose of this is to allow all the negativity to be converted into spirituality just before it reaches you.

There is research involved that states that a person has an invisible energy center right above a person’s head.. This is called the crown chakra. This is called the higher self of an individual. This particular self is your true identity and is aware of why you were sent to earth. This area is activated in the presence of the purple color. Helping you align yourself with your true purpose. Thus using amethyst will help you realize you true goal and also help you walk towards your destination. Amethyst jewelry can be in the form of earrings, rings or any other form of jewelry.  Make it yours and identify yourself.

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