Lifestyle changes to set you on the path to good health!

Our lifestyle is the biggest threat to a healthy body. The busier we get, the less time we sleep, our food isn’t consumed at specific times, we don’t get time to exercise, and we generally abuse our body. This is a common phenomenon with most professionals who have busy jobs neglecting their body. This tells on them as they age, and lifestyle disorders are increasing in leaps and bounds. Look at any hospital – you’ll find young people suffering from disorders of their body brought on by compromise in either food or exercise or both. In this article, we’ve put together some of the most recommended lifestyle changes that will help you put your body back on track.

Eat more primal food – Primal food is unprocessed, and as close to raw as you can get. Our bodies have been happy with primal food for thousands of years, and we brought in processed food onto it only a few decades ago. Eat as much primal food as you can. Your body won’t have to work hard to digest it, and there are no side effects. Just make sure that you eat well cultivated food free of pesticides and insecticides.

Get plenty of sunlight – Go spend time in the outdoors. There are several advantages natural sunlight provides your body with. It gives your body much needed Vitamin D, and various reactions in our body’s metabolism are speeded up by sunlight. Don’t walk around at mid-day. Go in the morning preferably. Walking in the sun is safe till you feel a burn on your skin. Apply sunscreen without fail!

Stay hydrated –Drink more water. This is one of the most common tips you can receive. If you’re wondering how much water you should consume, your urine will give you the answer. A pale yellow is how it should look. Drink water till you see that color. Simple.

Eat less than you want to – Eat till you are 80% full. Don’t stuff yourself. Give your stomach space to breathe and scope to digest the food. As long as you eat lesser than you want to, you won’t have a problem of being overweight. Several Asian countries have this as a part of their culture, and hence we seldom see obesity in those regions.

Get enough sleep – Sleep early, and wake up early. Giving your body 8 hours of sleep shows that you’re respecting it, and your body will reciprocate. Sleep at a standard time each day and wake up early. It’ll take your body a few weeks to get used, but it is absolutely worth it.

Spend time alone with yourself – Whether you call it meditation, Zen, yoga, or anything, spend time alone each day. Could be 5 minutes, could be hours. Wellness is not just for your body. Spending time alone will allow your mind to reset and refresh.

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