Male Organ Piercing: How It Can Change a Man’s Intimate Life Permanently

Let’s face it; the decision to invade the sacred skin of the member is always one considered with one eye shut, wincing in the possible pain of the experience. However, some of the anecdotal intimate benefits to male organ piercing have men pulling out their schlongs for a shot. Male organ piercing should be carefully contemplated before a man decides to adorn his favorite appendage. A man should get all the info on downtime, maintenance, intimacy, and even peeing, to make a good decision. Here’s a quick primer on everything a man needs to know about male organ piercing before letting the needle take the plunge!

Male Organ Piercings, In a Nut (ha!) Shell

Not too surprisingly, sensual organ piercings for men are not all that common. It’s actually more common for women to have them. Two types of piercings are most popular: the frenulum, also known as the Jacob’s Ladder and, of course, the widely known Prince Albert. Male organ piercing can be done on any size member, and it doesn’t matter whether it is circumcised or uncircumcised. A good piercer will recommend jewelry that works with the size and girth of the member.

The Jacob’s Ladder is a kind of male organ piercing for which the piercing is done just through the skin. The Prince Albert is a piercing done down through the urethra and out of the bottom wall. Both have a speedy healing process. There are other more advanced piercings, like the apadravya and ampallang, which go through the head of the member in different directions. Still, they are much rarer and generally only sported by serious body modification enthusiasts.

Male Organ Piercing How-to: The Prince Albert

The Jacob’s Ladder seems pretty self-explanatory, but the Prince Albert, that one looks a little more complicated (because it is). It also hurts more. Here’s the process—brace yourself. Usually, a piercer uses a hollow metal or glass tube and pushes the tube down into the member and goes into the tube to pierce. Others omit the tube and open the urethra by hand and push the needle down. Either way, it’s not comfy.

The Healing Process

It takes about 6 to 8 weeks for the member to heal after being pierced. A little blood is normal at first. Men should also expect to use saline solution soaks to aid in the healing process. Urination is also helpful as it’s sterile and helps flush the area. When peeing for the first 1 to 2 weeks, be careful! Sometimes urine can come out the bottom hole of a Prince Albert piercing. A man may need to plug the hole with his finger while pushing up, or he can just take a seat and pee sitting down.

Intimacy and the New Male Organ Piercing

There isn’t a ban on intimacy until it’s completely healed, but there is a higher chance of partner transmitted infections since the piercing is an open wound those first 6 to 8 weeks. Everything sensual is new again, from putting on latex protection to entry to exit and all the stuff in between. Start by taking things slow and gentle to get used to the piercing and how it impacts your intimate life. Also, be mindful that a partner’s bodily fluids can irritate the site of the piercing before it’s fully healed, and so can lubricants.

There is evidence that male organ piercing can increase sensual sensation and pleasure. Sometimes it’s just for you, sometimes it’s just for your partner, and hopefully most times, it’s for both of you. It just depends. Remember that everything sensual is new again, so approach every first with caution and patience and see what feels good and what feels fantastic.

Post-Male Organ Piercing Care

After the healing is done and you’re proudly sporting jewelry down below, be sure to be especially meticulous about member health care. Wash well and thoroughly daily and keep the hedges neatly trimmed (you don’t want pubes getting caught up in your jewelry). Wear breathable underwear that fits well, but not too tight. Finally, use a member health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) containing essential vitamins like vitamin A, which keeps the area bacteria-free, and vitamin C, which promotes collagen production for firm, elastic skin. It’s a sure way to keep everything clean, inviting, and healthy while showing off some new bling.

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