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CoreTechnologie Launches Innovative Additive Manufacturing Software Suite

1888PressRelease – CoreTechnologie release Additive Manufacturing for pre processing of 3D models for metal and plastic printing. Southfield, MI – CoreTechnologie (CT), the leading global provider of CAD converter, CAD viewer and 3D interoperability software, launches new software suite for additive manufacturing named 4D_Additive. For the first time, 3D models from common CAD formats can […]

Understanding the concept of UV coating

Maybe your printed marketing materials are your finest opportunity to grab the attraction of your customers in this era of hardcore competition. Then why are you not opting for spot UV gloss printing? Well, if you go for UV coating, it will be easier for you to get the desired attention from your customers. Therefore, […]

Some enthralling statistics about business cards

It doesn’t matter if you are seeking color business cards or Gold foil stamped business cards, there are numerous facts about business cards which will amaze you and surprise you at the same time. Though this is an era of smartphones, laptops and tablets, almost 27 million business cards are printed every day. So, just […]

Reasons why EDDM printing is essential for your business

Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM printing service is a unique program, which is offered by the Post Office. With the coming of EDDM, the direct mailing and printing became easy-to-implement and affordable to all those people who are looking to conduct a small business. To be more precise, EDDM is a kind of specialty […]

Some essential elements to make your business cards more effective

A simple and random handshake will not do the needful when it comes to reflecting your attitude, goal and objective. To authenticate who you are and what you are capable of, nothing can go as strong as an attractive business card. It will imitate your creativity, stature and seriousness and will convey your desired message […]