Building Opportunity: WICxAnnualTour 2024 Advances Women’s Leadership in Cloud

(1888PressRelease) Advancing the frontier of women’s leadership and entrepreneurship in the $7 Trillion cloud and AI ecosystem.

In an unprecedented convergence of technology, sustainability and inclusion, Women in Cloud, alongside industry giants Boeing, Ntegral, Microsoft, Meylah, Accenture, and Insight, is thrilled to announce the initiation of #WICxAnnualTour2024.

The focus of this upcoming tour is “Collective Contribution.” The goal of the tour is to catalyze transformation within the fundamental structure of the tech industry by harmonizing the strengths of Cloud and AI leadership to foster global equity.

With this tour of live events across multiple cities, the #WICxAnnualTour2024 aims to foster a movement bridging in-person vibrancy with digital engagement through a hybrid format, featuring a constellation of eminent industry leaders, subject-matter experts, and pioneering entrepreneurs.

Among the luminaries are: Gavriella Schuster Top Linkedin Voice, Senator Patty Kuderer, Representative Cindy Ryu, Gina Fratarcangli, TEDx Speaker, Managing Director, Google, Patti Dobrowolski, 4 Times TEDx Speaker, Michelle Pruitt, TEDxSpeaker, Director Microsoft, Marian Breeze, Director Archive 360, Kushagra Sharma CMO Veeam India, Patricia Burrough, Managing Director Accenture, Monika Mital, Partner General Manager, Microsoft, Dexter Hardy, CEO of Ntegral, Ram Dutt, CEO Meylah, Dee Dee Walsh Business Executive Growth Acceleration Partners, and Cara South, Director Boeing.

The tour will feature empowering events such:
1) Guinness World Record 2024 Attempt: Aiming to create 500 unique individual vision boards in a video hangout, marking a milestone in collective visual storytelling and goal setting. (19-Jan-2024)
2) The Ultimate AI Pitch Challenge: A revered platform for innovators to present AI solutions tackling real-world problems, emphasizing gender diversity and sustainability. (26-Jan-2024)
3) Cloud Career Readiness AMA Session: An opportunity for professionals to delve into cloud technology’s nuances and business readiness, featuring interactive audience Q&A. (07-Feb-2024)
4) Executive Leadership Immersion: Tailored workshops focusing on nurturing executive presence and strategic leadership skills, enabling participants to craft their leadership journeys. (15-Feb-2024)
5) Women in Cloud Day: Recognized by the State of Washington with a dedicated proclamation day, celebrating the achievements and potential of women in technology. (25-Jan-2024)
6) #WICxICONS: A series of exclusive networking dinners across seven cities, fostering partnerships and intimate dialogues among community champions and global brands. (Jan to Mar 2024)
7) Cloud and AI Skilling Scholarships: Advancing career opportunities by providing scholarships in pivotal tech fields like DevOps, AI/ML, and security.
8) ICONS Movie Screening: An initiative to inspire through cinema, with private screenings in partnership with leading corporate entities.
9) Devops Community: Exclusive new community established to help women secure operational roles for Cloud infra, AI/ML and security through peer-to-peer and expert mentorship

Meticulously crafted to stir the industry’s status quo, the theme of “Collective Contribution” is focused on co-creating a future where diversity, inclusion, and equity hold the reins of technological advancement. President of Women in Cloud, Chaitra Vedullapalli shared, “. This innovative tour is designed to be a mosaic of experiences that honor their time, contribute to their professional growth, and support their life’s ambitions without compromising their day jobs. It’s more than a series of events;” Vedullapalli concluded by sharing, “it is an ecosystem of opportunities tailored to empower, engage, and elevate women in technology, enabling them to weave their career aspirations seamlessly with their personal dreams.”

Join the Movement: Rise. Thrive. Conquer.
Women in Cloud invites you to be part of a movement reshaping the technology industry’s future. Engage with #WICxAnnualTour2024 to support a world where women’s leadership and economic access in Cloud and AI are not the exception but the norm.

To learn more about the event and how you can participate, visit Mark your calendars for an inspiring journey that promises not only to elevate the conversation around women in technology but also to actualize the potential for global change.

Together, let’s advance the frontier of women’s leadership in technology and witness the birth of a more inclusive, equitable, and prosperous digital future with #WICxAnnualTour2024.

About Women in Cloud: WiC is a community-led economic development organization dedicated to taking collective action to generate $1B in new net economic access for women entrepreneurs and professionals by 2030 through global partnerships with corporations, community leaders, and policy makers. All of which are united by the ESG and UN Sustainable Development Goals that are driven by job creation, diversity and inclusion, technology innovation and sustainability, giving women a powerful platform to accelerate as industry leaders.

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