Paris Hilton and Her New Louis Vuitton Bag Rodeo Drive

While she was shopping with her sister Nicky last weekend, Paris Hilton showed once again that, despite all the rumors regarding his lifestyle manage to compensate with great taste for fashion, but when it comes to handbags just put in an incredible light and most of the fashion critics that theirĀ  down and admit that Paris know how to choose an accessory. During his stay in Paris was spotted shopping using an absolutely stunning bag Louis Vuitton Rodeo Drive.

No wonder he picked up a red bag that undoubtedly attracts the eyes of everyone, especially when it is adapted so well to the team, with thin red lines of their dream dress and red leather bracelet of your watch. While her purse pairs perfectly with her dress, not quite the classic winter wear you’d expect to see at this time of year, but if you have a closer look you can see that the elements of adjustments, strange, because winter are usually associated with hot towels and lots of layers, but Paris can prove otherwise, you can put your sunglasses because the sun shines even in the winter time, nobody can deny that and if you add this fabulous hermes bags of all elements of the set is just perfect to go with the other like pieces of a puzzle.

Nicky, however, was dressed more in keeping with the season, so we have two examples of what we choose. Nicky wore a black shirt, leggings, boots, leather jacket and a beautiful scarf by Alexander McQueen. Having a classic suit, near Paris, appeared to really know, but the gucci wallet they have done almost every job in texture, color and shape. With that cheerful and vibrant color in the arm defiantly give a spark to the monotony of winter white.

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