Does My Boyfriend Really Love Me

If you ask yourself, “Does my boyfriend really love me?” you probably wonder how you could know for sure. Especially if you’ve ever been in a bad relationship or had a boyfriend who said he loved you but was a cheat. Those types of things lead you doubt other people. In fact, you might always wonder, “Does my boyfriend really love me?” no matter how much he shows it.

There are signs to watch for, though. Aside from him telling you he loves you, there are little things a boyfriend does that show his true feelings. And those are often a stronger indicator of his affection for you than anything he could say. Next time you wonder, “Does my boyfriend really love me?” stop and think about these things.

. How does he treat you in public? When you’re with other people, does his treatment of you change?
. Does he treat you with respect? Does he say please and thank you like he would to any stranger?
. How much does he expect of you? Does he demand that you overcompensate for every nice thing he does for you?
. Does he treat your family with respect, and try to make a good impression with them?
. Does he take you for granted, and not let you know how much he appreciates you and all that you do for him?

“Does my boyfriend really love me?” is a question everyone asks. If you answered no to any of those point above, that doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t love you. But if you answered no to more than one, you should look carefully at his actions.

He may say he loves you every day, several times, but nothing gives away his true feelings quite like his actions. In fact, someone who says it too much might be doing so to try to convince himself, or you, that it’s true when it really isn’t.

If he treats you like you’re precious when you’re alone but acts as if you’re not there when you’re with your friends, think about why that might be. Someone who loves you should be able to show it no matter where you are or whom you’re with.

And a boyfriend who treats your friends and family with respect is much more likely to feel genuine love for you than one who disses your family or doesn’t seem to want to even interact with them at all.

A boyfriend who truly cares about you will want to be able to get along with the people you care about. And while thoughts of marriage may be years away, he knows that alienating your family would be a poor choice in the even that you did want to marry.

The most important thing when trying to figure out whether your boyfriend really loves you or not is simply to notice what he does. Next time you ask yourself, “Does my boyfriend really love me?” pay attention to his actions, and you’ll have your answer.

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