Marvalous Company Review

Marvalous is an Israeli network marketing company that has started in 2008, and only recently has started to expand to global markets outside Israel. Marva-lous is not a spelling mistake, it is based on the Hebrew word “Marva”, which means the sage plant.
It is possible that it is too soon to do a report about this company, but let check it out to see how good the opportunity of this company is.

Marvalous Products

The key strength that Marvalous has is the omega 3 sage oil product, that is produced in a process of cold pressing of clary sage seeds. omega 3 are essential fatty acids that our body doesn’t know how to produce, which means that we have to receive this component from our food. Humans were egularly receiving omega 3 from fish, however, in the last couple of years, researches has shown that omega 3 from a fish source could very well be a cause for cancer, since there are a lot of pollutants in the seas nowadays.

Marvalous holds the exclusive global franchise research and development of omega 3 in a vegetal form from the sage plant. This plant is considered for centuries to have an healing power (and was referred many times as the “eye of Christ”).

Marvalous is introducing an unique new clinically proven product, to a 200M$ a-year market that is looking for a replacement for the omega 3 fish supplement capsule. This is a real business opportunity. Period.

In addition to the omega 3 capsule, this Israeli company has some other products for the health and wellness market. such as Calcium, Fibers, 24/7 which is a multi-vitamin, Attract for diet control and Winner for energy. Nevertheless, it seems the main focus of the company and its reps right now is on the unique opportunity that lays in the omega 3 pill.

Marvalous Leaders

Professor Shmuel Edelstein is the person in charge of the scientific research in Marvalous, a former scientist’s in the pharmaceutical Teva Company, and in the global dietary supplements “GNC”. He also developed the drug against Osteoporosis – bone density decrease.
The owner and manager of Marvalous is Shai Segal, who is Vice Chairman of the Bar Association in Israel. He is a well respected person in his country. In the management team are also Lior and Yaron Yehezkeli, brothers, who specialize in the agro-science field (scientific farming research).
It seems that Marvalous has a very well respected management team, however, their capabilities in the mlm industry are a huge unknown factor at this time. It should be clear that only one out of hundreds of companies manage to pass their fifth year, and therefore this management team has a lot of responsibility on their shoulders to show that they can manage to succeed in this field.

Marvalous Compesation Plan

There are three ways that you can start working with Marvalous: retailer, executive distributor, and VIP distributor. If you join at the retailer level, you will get paid only a precentage of the products that you sell directly, whereas the executive and the VIP distributors receive commission also for the expansion of their distribution organization, and the products sold through it.
The distributors plans are not cheap, 900$ for an executive and 1600$ for the VIP with a 120$ monthly fee. Marvalous claims that it give at least 50% from its income back to its distributors. It seems that it is possible to earn money with the compensation plan if you work it correctly.

How to Succeed in your Marvalous Business

The reason that you are in this post is that you either checking the business opportunity in this company, or that you are a distributor that is checking to see if he had made the right decision. While it is clear that Marvalous is not a scam and that it is a company which holds a real business opportunity, the way that will be able to translate this opportunity into cash is to learn a way that will not involve preaching your friends and family about how marvelous Marvalous really is.

For more information about Marvalous, you can check out our blog for the latest updates about this company. In our blog you will be able to get free online marketing lessons and webinars providing you with the skills needed for success when trying to generate more leads to talk with about your business.

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