Refrigerator market, structural readjustment to meet the high



Turmoil, and many other adverse effects of falling exports, China's refrigerator industry is still in the attitude towards the firm in 2009. Performance from the market point of view, there are two clear context can be captured, on the one hand, with the "

Appliances to the countryside

"The introduction of the policy, 34 market launch marked the effective demand is rapidly released; the other hand, open, multi-door refrigerators and other high-end market demand continues to rise, a consumer upgrades to speed up the secondary market.'s Big brothers for the domestic refrigerator are concerned, although the rural market contribution to the sales figures can not be ignored, but the high-end refrigerators is that they want to win the next battleground.

Refrigerator to meet the high end of the times

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Fridge into a new profit growth point of the high-end market expansion

Profits in the appliance industry is gradually diluted, how to look for new profit growth point as various corporate pressing problems. Many industry unanimously believe that the

Flat Panel TV

Stir to spread from the profits have been bottoming out, small household appliance market is becoming standardized, profits are no longer possible, and in 2009 after three to five years,


Products, especially ice cleaning products for household appliances generate considerable future profit growth.

City to upgrade the refrigerator market, the accelerating consumption of time, the great potential of high-end market is gradually released, the PRC, according to market research data show that in 2008 more than high-end products into the sales of two-scale access to the Jinsi Cheng's


The amount of shares. Thus, high-end refrigerators refrigerator for enterprises to improve product mix, improve profitability have far-reaching significance, the high-end market forward, a refrigerator company to achieve leapfrog development of strategic options.

U.S. strategic planning group, the refrigerator industry as a key development projects, a U.S. group important support for future growth. Subsequently, the beauty industry chain through acquisition, and integration of a series of deployment, basically completed, including the United States, and Hualing, Rongshida, Little Swan, etc. The spatial structure of multi-brand operation, these movements are greatly improved

America's refrigerator

Comprehensive strength, and in March this year launched its high-end sub-brand?? Van Tai Lo, Hong-Bo Fang also said that the United States and the reason why the refrigerator, in particular soft spot for high-end refrigerators, because in addition to high-end refrigerators expand market share, there is an important reason: it has

Air conditioning

Unmatched cost-effective and stable market environment.

Data show that in 2008, three more doors and on the refrigerator door and other high-end retail sales accounted for 30% of the overall refrigerator in the market structure occupies an important position, but is expected to 2009 years, sales of high-end refrigerators will enter a more significant period of high growth.

Domestic enterprises fight weakness was the high-end foreign brands

Currently 12 high-end market trend of more and more obvious, its sales have accounted for four percent of total sales, about hair refrigerator power high-end market has become an inevitable choice for enterprises. But China's home appliance market, both flat-panel TV or air conditioning refrigerator, washing machine, always carrying the banner in foreign brands. Domestic brands are under pressure at last after years of Mary?? The original piece had to end really fat melon, and thus have provoked attack to foreign war, the refrigerator market coincides with the time.

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