From the 2005 "Chinese famous brand list" to see power struggle betwee

Recent years, the home appliance industry, particularly in electrical kitchen range hood, gas stoves in the market rapidly expanding, with the "Yangtze River" and "Pearl River Delta" economic geographical advantages to Shuaikang,
Side too
The owner, represented by Zhejiang Corps and to Vantage, 10000, and, as the representative of Guangdong Macro Corps, naturally formed
Kitchen Appliances
The two major producing industry. So who is more dominant in the siphoning off of it?


Recently, much attention in 2005, "Chinese famous brand" selection results officially announced in Beijing, involving 87 categories of 505 products received the "China Top Brand". The first time named in the ranks
, The million and,
, Herbalife elected; Range Hood brand, Shuaikang, boss, Haier, Pu Tian, Germany, Italy and finalists. At this point, including
Gas Water Heater
Water Heater
, Range hood, Disinfection cabinet kitchen appliances, etc., all with "Chinese famous brand."
Running out of two brand-name Legion

It is reported that, in order to compete for power in this kitchen appliance market last bucket of gold, since the beginning of two of China's most powerful electric kitchen corps??? Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta companies have invested a lot of forces involved in the "China brand name "of the game. But in September the selection result is beyond everyone's expectations: the Pearl River Delta, led by Army Herbalife stroke and made off with three disinfector "Chinese famous brand" in two, with abundant strength Haier proved the power of Shandong Peninsula appliances powerful; and to Shuaikang, side too, the boss and other enterprises as the main force of the Yangtze River Delta Corps in the field of range hoods dominate.

Known in Chinese kitchen electric industry, "Pearl River Delta" and the "Yangtze River Delta," Army, as there on the old "enemies." Electricity production originated in China and famous chef in the Pearl River Delta, in 1988, the world's first Disinfection cabinet to the birth, to today's "Pearl River Delta" kitchen electrical industry working hard to lay a solid foundation for the world, and gradually formed a Combo, Vantage, MACRO represented brands such as "Pearl River Delta" kitchen electric Corps. At present, the "Pearl River Delta," Army industries accounted for 60% of the market, its main product and value, even based on rapid growth rate of 30%.

Although the "Department of the PRD," kitchen electric Corps has first-mover advantage, but the "triangle" area with kitchen has electric Corps
Advantages Accumulate, striking back, a great catch up with "Pearl River Delta" trend, in recent years, "Yangtze River Delta" household electrical appliance enterprises such as the side too, the boss, Shuaikang brands, is going full steam into the kitchen appliances industry, the development trend is very strong, data shows "Yangtze River Delta" market share kitchen electrical Corps, has reached 30%, almost equal to "PRD" Legion.

Brand decided to market

Power struggle between Zhejiang and Guangdong kitchen, Zhejiang brand clear upper hand. Let us see, in the era of the brand decided to market only to create their own brand, to win the competition victory.

In branding, the Zhejiang business advantages are obvious. Zhejiang
Kitchen appliances
Enterprises in the emphasis on the pursuit of scale on the basis of more sophisticated, high-end, the pursuit of brand awareness, to walk in the high end of its product line, the range hood products are now mostly high-end European-style range hood. To enter the kitchen range hoods Shuaikang electric field, for example, among the best in the industry scale, this year
The range hood is free of all removable and washable, European-style high-end products.

Brand can withstand the test of the market, quality is first. Excellent quality assurance of product quality and stable performance. Zhejiang Corps to Shuaikang hood to represent, in terms of air pressure, wind, suction, or noise control, are in the range hood industry's highest level.

Home from Zhejiang
Association of device data, Zhejiang, Range Hood last year produced 2,875,800 units, accounting for the country's total 53.4% Range Hood, which has maintained an absolute advantage over 3 years. And to Shuaikang, side too, the boss for the first high-end range hoods Army has occupied the absolute advantage that is particularly prominent in the primary market.

The development of technology to make our products more and more homogeneous, the brand decided to market has become an unavoidable fact. To win the market, only to create their own brand.

Professionals pointed out that domestic consumption has become a hot kitchen and bath products, its sales to 35% annual growth rate of climb, professional kitchen appliance brand strengths begin with its single product diversification to related species

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