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After years of downturn and last year's surge, China's porcelain exports to the EU stepped into a rational track of development, decline in export volume during the first half, while the export unit price increased by 10 percentage points. At present, enterprises biggest issue is how to upgrade the core competitiveness of products in line with the European Union a variety of technical standards and export in the maintenance of good order and the market environment, while seeking to ceramics for daily use in China exports to the EU's steady development.
    According to customs statistics, last year China's Ceramics exports to the EU amounted to 458 million U.S. dollars, up 74%. The first half of this year, exports to the EU Ceramics number of 212 million kilograms, with the same period last year, down 13.58%; export amount of 204 million U.S. dollars, down by 4.91%.
    Big ups and downs about this phenomenon, China Light Industry Import and Export Chamber of Commerce Arts & Crafts Ceramics Branch of the Secretary-General Zhu Xue-bo analysis pointed out that January 1 last year, the European Union formally abolished on China's import quota restrictions on ceramic products, the EU importing large quantities of short-term daily use ceramics in China, in order to meet its "repressed for many years," the market demand. The first half of this year, the relative reduction in exports was mainly due to EU importers have accumulated a certain number of inventory; same time, I Ceramics market diversification strategy of export enterprises also been significant progress in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, expanding market share , thereby reducing the dependence on the EU market.
    It is worth mentioning that in the first half of China's exports to the EU average unit price of Ceramics rose 10.34%. Ceramics for daily use in 2002 the average export unit price only 0.65 U.S. dollars / kg, up to 2005 rose to 0.83 U.S. dollars / kg, 3 years, an increase of 27.69%.
    Decline in export volume and export price rose, indicating China's Ceramics exports to the EU entered into the rational development track.
    In recent years, China's rising export prices, ceramics for daily use is both an inherent requirement of enterprise development, but also the external market environment constraints Shiran.
    After nearly years of development, China's porcelain product quality and grade as well as the core competitiveness of products gradually increase, export prices show rising trend is inevitable. In addition, ceramics for daily use also contributed to increased production costs, product prices, such as raw materials, energy prices, renminbi appreciation, as well as the rise in labor costs brought about by the rising costs of environmental protection requirements and other factors.
    Statistics show that in 2005 the export of China's ceramics for daily use, the average unit cost of 0.83 U.S. dollars / kg, while the export unit price over the same period in Germany 9.66 U.S. dollars / kg, the United Kingdom's export price is 15 U.S. dollars / kg. China's porcelain production and export enterprises should be gradually changed the amount of wins the past, the concept of improving product quality and grades and varieties make great efforts to actively implement the brand strategy, focusing on good products to sell high price.
    Can not be overlooked is that the EU is China's export of ceramics for daily use important market for inexpensive Chinese daily-use ceramic products have won the favor of local consumers, but there are also incurred by the potential threat of anti-dumping. Zhu Xue-bo reminds export enterprises should maintain good order and the export market environment, taking into account of market diversification strategies to prevent the export market too concentrated a time so as to effectively avoid the anti-dumping and other trade frictions from occurring.
    In recent years, developed countries continue to build on imported ceramics for daily use of new technical barriers to trade, especially in relation to quality and safety, environmental protection and ecological aspects of the increasingly high demand, rising import barriers, export ceramics for daily use in China faces a severe test. The European Union in 2005 "On contact with food standards and performance of porcelain products declaration of conformity" was amended. In particular, control of the new directive of lead, cadmium detection of the amount put forward new demands. In this regard, the domestic ceramic manufacturers and exporters in the current period of adaptation to further establish and improve the quality control system, quality at source, effective control of lead, cadmium dissolved; in technology research and development and upgrading of technical standards and work hard, make full use of detection and certification to improve the competitiveness of products, thus avoiding the new directive to my Ceramics exports to the EU caused by adverse effects. In addition, the EU has also stepped up efforts to crack down on infringing products, companies that should be given high priority.

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