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In the sixties and seventies, television and telephone of the family upstairs, downstairs dreams were once laughed at as an idiot, just three years, today we have been able to television, telephone, Computer Care in the use of palm heart, which is the basis of earthshaking changes in digital information technology. As related to the development of national and ethnic Education In the field, but also the pioneer of digital technology applications. Recently, a high-performance computing platform stationed in the dawn of Lianyungang Teachers College for the school to build a new teaching, research, life, management Information Service platform. Dawn build high-performance, high reliability, high scalability, manageability Digital Campus Management Network, will to some extent enhance the Lianyungang Teachers College's overall competitiveness.

General, the construction of digital campus include basic network services, data storage, application, support systems, information service systems, organizational management, schools, community service, teaching, public service, academic research, which will Campus Network Contact and applications constitute the entire campus of the nervous system, the complete realization of the campus messaging and services.

In Lianyungang Teachers Network Information Center Server Building programs in light of the company in Jiangsu platform-depth investigation and analysis of the school with the continuous development of information platform must constantly expand and upgrade a single server will not meet future demand for various applications, and cluster can solve such problems, so use the cluster system as the dawn of Lianyungang Teachers Network Information Center based hardware platform to ensure the application satisfying the premise of the current does not affect future expansion.

Information Centre to support academic system, school web page system, video on demand system, Electronic E-mail system and network management systems five billing systems running, for the specific needs of Lianyungang Teachers College, the dawn of self-developed TC2600 using blade servers, high stability, high availability, scalability, high-density, high-performance qualities to help customers build the most efficient and stable application platform. TC2600 calculated to promote the server to a higher density, more functionality and greater integration of management direction, provide a more superior computing performance, simple to use and easy to deploy a full range of monitoring and management, can significantly improve the data center and high-performance Computing Centre of the productivity and efficiency, to minimize the cost of IT operations and management and maintenance. The use of global optimization strategy, effectively reducing the power consumption, coupled with its ergonomic design, superior system scalability, excellent cost performance and compute density, can cover a wider range of customer needs.

Dawn to help Lianyungang Normal School Building Digital Campus
Senate system is the information center of Lianyungang Teachers core system, because the Senate is the most important daily work of universities is the most important part, it has a large amount of information Visit Frequently, the load is very heavy, and require a system to undertake work under pressure. Academic Systems application server, therefore we have chosen the dawn A620r-FX server, the models support 2-way opteron 64-bit 2000 series dual-core processor, processing power is very strong, full system requirements for the Senate. A620r-FX up to provide 21.33GB / s of memory bandwidth, in Storage To support hot-swap SCSI hard disk 6, 1.8TB maximum internal storage space, while an optional SATA, SAS solutions to meet different industry stringent requirements of storage space.

Database system is a transaction processing application is very frequent, large scale, particularly as the application of such schools in Lianyungang Teachers College, the dawn of the database system design must be based on "high processing performance, large memory capacity" principle , select the dawn A830r-FX server, the server has a powerful memory access memory capacity and computing processing power. A830r-FX high-performance server, the server uses NvidianForcePro2200/2050 chipset, providing high-speed HyperTransport Direct Connect Architecture, and supports high-speed DDR2 memory, can dramatically improve machine performance and operating efficiency. A830r-FX server provides 16 DIMM slots, maximum memory capacity can be expanded up to 64GB. Support hot plug SAS hard drives, optional RAID card configuration to better ensure data security. A830r-FX server only delivers superior performance and reliability, but also for future server platform headroom, is a real sense of the 64-bit computing power, wealth and stability can be managed enterprise-class products .

Platform construction is completed, the school's daily work to achieve a comprehensive digital management, the dawn of high-performance computing systems in the successful application of Lianyungang Teachers College once again proved that the dawn of the leading edge in the field of education. Based on education, services in education, education is the dawn of the company in return for the education industry market ideas and strategies, the dawn will be better solutions for our great speed digital campus contribute more forces.

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