Up Hundreds Of Rental Home Appliances Complete Watch Jiu Jiadian Trap

Reporter recently learned from the housing rental market, a number of intermediary companies in rental housing, many have taken in rental houses or apartments in their own way to purchase second-hand home appliances, to rent to the tenants subject to more profit, some to reach a lease agreement, or even waive the rental fees and other human intermediary. But because many of the quality used appliances can not be guaranteed, many rental people are nervous during use, and some quality problems because of second-hand appliances eat a lot of losses.

Full rent up hundreds of home appliances

Reporter learned from an intermediary company, the company is located in Wu Kuaishi of 80 square meters of a set of three houses, as was previously revised in 2000, there is no community greening the environment, the monthly rent of 800 yuan, but no any appliances, furniture, etc., is a set of empty houses. If the appliance installed for life, a house will be increased from 150-200 yuan per month rent.

It is understood that the rental market in Chengdu, installed for appliances in the rental housing market is very promising, many people believe that renting is the rent after the arrival of the most important life of convenience, with home appliance housing, although the monthly more than a few hundred dollars to pay rent, many people could accept. “I shared with my classmates, on average per month is also not much more than rent payments,” to work in a network company told reporters Xiao Li; the same, just graduated from college, Ms. Chou also believes that “living in the zone appliance rental room, living up to facilitate a lot, washing machines, television sets, are all essential items of daily life. ”

Used appliances hidden security risks Industry told reporters, according to agency general availability of the specific circumstances, secondary packaging, which is equipped with household appliances is the most important elements, in order to maximize profits, they generally come from second-hand electrical appliances market. In general, a set of ordinary second-hand housing need household appliances, a full set of 1,000 yuan doing we can get, if the house because of the appliance when the monthly rental income 200 yuan more than the rent fee can be recovered only six months the cost of second-hand home appliances, the agency is a very profitable thing, but buy quality second-hand appliances are good and bad, for some people to eat a lot of rental losses.

Miss Xiang in the first half of this year, once encountered problems because of second-hand home appliances, which led to his suffer until next week. She told reporters that, she was working out in the washing machine is acting Unexpectedly sudden burst washing machine drains, not only at home, “stealing of the” economic loss caused by back downstairs neighbor. Subsequently, to the landlord under the coordination of Miss accompany the 500 to the downstairs neighbor. Some industry sources have told reporters that a lot of intermediary companies are fineness older, even into the “aging” phase of home appliances, such as the effects of poor air conditioning, noisy washing machine, TV extended service, etc., do not rent a little person Note that it will lose, even lead to disaster.

Lawyer Return Weapon With normal use of appliances shall ensure that

? Sichuan Yi Shuhong lawyer law firm find

Agency with second-hand home appliances raise the rent, make excessive rent understandable. Although China is currently no established effective appliances mandatory retirement system, but the agency should be in accordance with the law guarantees the lease rental of housing and household appliances such as facilities and equipment to normal use, this is China’s “Contract Law” provisions of the landlord The basic obligation. As a result of agency failure to fulfill the obligations according to law, leading to the lessee or tenant property damage caused by bodily injury, shall bear the corresponding liability.

The same time, as the lessee should be the proper use of the leased property, such as the lessee in accordance with the agreed manner or in the nature of the lease to use the case of lease rental property caused by wear and tear, and not be liable for damages. However, as a result of the lessee is not in accordance with the agreed manner or lease the nature of the use of the lease, resulting in loss of the leased property, the agency may claim damages or even cancel the lease contract.

Second, if the tenant lease problems found should promptly inform the agency within a reasonable period for maintenance. Agency failure to fulfill maintenance obligations, the lessee may arrange for repairs, maintenance costs, the burden by the lessor. Impact of the lease the lessee for maintenance use, the lessee may request a corresponding reduction in rent or to extend the lease term.

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