During The Spring Festival Jincheng Appliance Stores All Kinds Of Home Appliance

During the Spring Festival, Tianjin Home Appliances Market hot. All kinds of household appliances, all brands are subject to the general consumers. News from

Suning , The country learned that the United States, such as store, brand concentration is still the mainstream of consumer appliances, buy appliances, buy a brand that many consumers still choose the same time the principle of home appliances. Throughout this year, consumer appliances, high-end consumer is still strong. Provided from the appliance store sales ranking of view, most of the finalists are all high-end home appliance price ranks ahead of the consumption of fashion and the concept of a leading Chinese New Year main driver of consumer appliances.

A   Air conditioning 1. ASH-90M Whirlpool

2. Pescod KFR-25/MD (M891) +4

3. Panasonic E9KA3 ‘s Comments: The air conditioning was not originally occupy the top three ranking in the top three markets. This is mainly due to increase in second-line air-conditioning Chinese New Year Golden Week promotion efforts, and made considerable achievements, sales volume is the best proof.

B   TV 1, Skyworth TFT42L06RF 2, TCL 40M9FR 3, Hisense  TLM4236P ‘s Comments: The TV market is still occupied by domestic TV, the top three are the television industry’s leader in technology and form have always maintained a leading edge.

C   Refrigerator 1, Siemens KK22F66 2, Haier BCD-206TDSA 3, Hisense BCD-197T ‘s Comments: The refrigerator market is led by the Big Three, Siemens has been a leader in refrigeration appliances, regardless of their quality, appearance and function are impeccable. Haier, Hisense has remained stable while sales.

D Electrical life 1, side too Smoking SY08 2, AO Smith 40P3A 3, 9 Yang Cooker  JYC-21CS16 4, America’s Microwave AG720FA4-NR

‘s Comments: During the Spring Festival, live sales of major appliances tend to kitchen appliances, small electrical appliances such consumers to buy either a gift, decent cost-effective; it can be for personal use, affordable and practical.

E   Digital Camera 1, Sony T700

2, canon ixus 870 is 3, Samsung I100 ‘s Comments: New Year’s unavoidable camera, buy a digital camera is a good choice. The Sony, the Japanese camera giant Canon two market-most of its lens, the quality of the screen get all the recognition and praise, the price is acceptable.

F Washing Machine 1, Siemens WM170XS 2, Haier XQB60-07288 3, LG WD-N90105 ‘s Comment: washing machine sales are still being Siemens and Haier championship won, shows that the two brands has gained.

G mobile phones 1, Nokia 6122 2, Motorola L72 3, Samsung M8800C ‘s Comments: The phone reflects a person’s taste and identity. Three mobile phone giant’s mobile phone market this year is still split, quality, performance and appearance of the style is still the main competition.

H PC 1, Dell 530S-501 2, Lenovo E2545 3, ASUS X811158559

‘s Comments: Dell has gradually accepted by consumers because of its quality, configuration and price are very close to the needs of young people. Lenovo, Asus, followed by the two domestic brands, the brand that computer camp more and more clear the market.

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