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HC Network News: New year Air conditioning World War II gloves are. Yesterday
(March 7, 2006) , Five Star Air-conditioning experts interviewed said there appear when consumers buy air clear understanding on energy efficiency, not the choice of air conditioning piece targeted number of businesses considering the installation does not know the ability to misunderstandings. As the largest air-conditioning in Jiangsu

Sell Business, Five Star and air conditioning products to remind consumers to buy, be sure to avoid such errors.

A misunderstanding, did not know that energy efficiency needs to spend more money wasted
Since last year (05) Countries have imposed new standards for energy efficiency in carrying out widespread publicity after the air-conditioning products to consumers after the product has energy efficiency as

Brand The deciding factor. Consumers usually
Marketplace When the air conditioning inside the shopping will find the same paragraph with the brand model, because the energy efficiency of the different prices may be bad 400? 500. However, due to the use of different family on the frequency of different air-conditioning, so cleverly choose a different energy efficiency of air conditioning has become a major skills.

Five-star expert advice: buy air conditioner according to their own situation, I believe that professional knowledge

Promotions Members to decide for their own products, will use the air conditioning air conditioning prices and the length of time the combination of their own Counting "save money" in the account. Optional high-energy efficiency of products, though more expensive, but in fact carefully and accounts, in the cumulative use could save more money, following a domestic brand to make a comparison of the two products, two models of 26 machinery, energy efficiency ratio were 3.42 and 2.92, respectively, input power 760W and 890W, the price was less than 500, use 100 days per year, for 12 hours per day and electricity is 0.55 yuan per kilowatt-hour count, then a can save on electricity bills: (890-760) × 12 × 100 × 0.55/1000 = 85.8 yuan, air conditioning life-expectancy of 6 to 8 years, then the total savings in electricity could: 514.8 yuan ~ 686.4 yuan. However, some families only one year before the hottest part of the time willing to meet air-conditioning, it is not necessary to choose a high efficiency air-conditioning.

Mistakes 2, only the decision of the Housing area on the number of air-conditioned horses
Consumers to buy air time, the most frequently asked promoters of the sentence is "air-conditioning cooling out good," five-star experts Road, cooling effect is good or bad, in addition to the quality of air itself, but also from the room actual use of the area, environmental facilities,

Building Design decision. According to the size of houses, consumers can rely on housing area of 100 to 130 watts per square meter per hour, subject, select the appropriate air-conditioned room. 1P general household refrigeration and air conditioning for the room of 12 square, 10 square application of heating a room; cooling is 1.5P for a room of 20 square, 16 square for heating the room, and 3P at 40? Between 50 square . However, size alone is not enough housing, consumers should also seriously consider the purchase of air-conditioning other environmental factors, such as: good or bad insulation, sealing it well, window size and orientation, such as whether the sun roof, conditions more difference, corresponding to increase cooling capacity.

Three errors by the manufacturer the new concept of the blind guide, spent money on unnecessary features

Air-conditioning business in an increasingly competitive market circumstances, have a big issue in concept,
Health , Energy Gradually cover the whole market. These high value-added and naturally air-conditioning in the price of your air conditioner than normal. As the lack of health standards for air conditioning, air conditioning manufacturers whether their coverage beyond the standard value, hard to say. So the five-star expert recommendations: consumers buy air conditioning, should be taken into account and integrated cost-effective and their economic capacity, or to spend money to buy back a bunch of "fancy" features, not much useful. Also, consumers purchase the best air conditioning to a professional store, listen to the advice of experts make a decision.

Four errors, the installation does not know the quality of business concern
Now buy air time to consumers, consumers are generally concerned about the low prices, few consumers take the initiative in pre-market businesses to consider the quality of air-conditioning installation team. Air conditioning known as "the third quality, installed seven said," the complaints in the air, nearly half was due to errors caused by the installation process. Therefore, before consumers purchase air conditioning, we should consider what form of business is the installation team.

Installation team currently on the market is divided into outer
Package And businesses their own staff. Outsourcing refers to the so-called air-conditioning installation work to the market, some of the "guerrilla", they generally do not have a regular team, composed of personnel from the social loafing. Another is to install their own team of business, are generally full-time staff, has its own service system. To Five Star, for example, have their own after-sale installation teams, have a large number of skilled personnel of high quality air conditioning installation, and installation of all the details to make detailed regulations. Five-star installation work to the consumer at home before the installation will carry out a unified

Some do not even knock on the door all the provisions of the agreement.

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