Projection Screen Technology Advantage In How To Achieve High Gain?

Many friends have purchased Projector Always find the brightness of the machine itself is not enough, resulting in the environment Light source Not have sufficient time to good effect. Even if the purchase Projection screen Cloth industry can not achieve the desired effect. Today we’ll discuss Projection Curtain of the problem, find out why we choose projection screen in the effect of post-wide fashion. In fact, if the projection screen is not difficult to raise the gain, the key is to address the increased gain complicated by a series of questions.

First is the view (in this case is the half-angle of two times the gain) issues

Light energy is conserved, Gain Increase will inevitably lead to Perspective Down narrow, narrow to a certain extent they will not be used. Such as bead curtain Gain Although more than 2 times, but Perspective Less than 30 degrees, people standing and sitting and watching to see, are on view and side view, the projector and take cast hanging cast, the effect would be different. Although the apparent metal screen Perspective Increase, but also over 60 degrees, however, if the scene will be made into flat light of the sun around the dark room effect, which is why the metal scene have made spherical or arc reasons. Normal and reasonable viewing angle should be 90 degrees, 45 degrees is on the left, right 45 degrees. Only a broader perspective than this in order to meet the family households in the 3 +1 +1 sofa Perspective Within the conference table to ensure left and right sides of the participants were able to look at the screen. For Project Big screen Products, Perspective Must be above 120 degrees to ensure the screen Seamless integration. This is undoubtedly Technology Challenges. Long proud of screen has the advantage that he is not only a very few can Perspective Stretched to a high of 90 degrees Gain Screen, and can guarantee 90 degrees Gain Still less than 4 times. When Gain Stretched to 120 degrees, Gain Can still maintain more than 3 times. That is, at the same Gain Circumstances, the proud dragon screen access to a wider Perspective .

Second, the contrast on the issues

Improving Gain , The white of course will be brightening, but if black is also subsequent brightening, contrast enhancement would not be necessary, but also because of the loss resulted in a black fog effects, loss of layering, which is fatal to all white screen crucial. We know Projector Is not always a black cast to it, and still only be resolved by screen. The picture is not black you see the white screen effect. But if the black screen to do that, such as the gray screen, the white will darken Gain The negative of the. What we really need is the white Gain Higher Er Shi black Gain Negative; that is, the more light the better white, black the darker the better. While Ershi black white brightening dim, this is the proud dragon screen aggressive unparalleled access to the one of the advantages. If the high Gain Screen to white and black while improving, such as metal screen, you will find he can only make you feel brilliant, and will not provide you the desired contrast and comfort, as the sun reflective white exterior walls.

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