Kdc: 3d Stereoscopic Display Technology Pioneer Naked Eye

Ke Desi Information and Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Korea Chairman Jintai Xie (Kim Tae Sub)

KDC Corporation (Korea Ke Desi Information and Communication Technology Co., Ltd.) hereinafter referred to as KDC

  Founded in 1972, together with the growth of Korean information communication industry. Currently has seven subsidiaries and investment companies.

KDC for the first time the company built a computer communications network in South Korea, 70 years aimed at banks, public institutions, enterprises, financial enterprise customers to build a total electricity network and the communication network operator. 80’s major popular public telephone cards, 90 for the first time in Korea developed a telephone modem, to further strengthen the South Korean company best network communication leadership. KDC

recently acquired more familiar Chinese Korean handset manufacturer-Telson companies, IT terminal equipment to expand the manufacturing business. 3D stereoscopic display is the company’s latest research results, has started mass production in Korea.

KDC company currently involved in many aspects of information and communication fields, including IT equipment, SI, NI, network maintenance, service and consulting, VoIP and international telephone services, the next generation of video industry, IT-related magazines published and so on. The total assets of about 800 million RMB, more than 600 regular employees.

Recently, the HC mesh editing on 3D stereoscopic display technology and products, the company talked to KDC Chairman Jintai Xie President.

HC Editor: The 3D stereoscopic display in China will be the background technical notes?

President Kim: This note is to host our newly developed 3D stereoscopic display products introduced to China. As China’s economic growth accelerated, the introduction of work-related technology is also very active. Korea Trade Center in this area gave us many suggestions, and to help us organize the event in Beijing.

Last November, we held in Shenzhen will be the first technical description, Beijing is the second stop, the next step we will take into account and Shanghai, organized.

Through such propaganda and efforts in the hope 3D stereoscopic display technology and related products in China by the industry’s attention, and gradually establish our brand in this area.

HC Editor: Please briefly introduce 3D stereoscopic display technology and products

President Kim: Our products collectively referred to as 3D stereo display products. Divided into three-dimensional images without glasses to see the way the naked eye and need to wear glasses in two ways.

First introduce the way the naked eye. This technology makes it not necessary to wear glasses, which greatly enhances the user’s convenience. We are already mass-producing 2.2-inch (mobile phones), 4.3-inch (PDA and MP4, PMP use) and 19-inch (for display) products. Concerned about the way the naked eye now many multinational companies, but some companies have failed in the aspect of product, and can tell our company is the first official implementation of the technology products company.

The way glasses 3D digital theater with three-dimensional devices. With this technology, you can view recently popular digital theaters (not film form, but the use of DLP projectors in the form of) three-dimensional projection of 3D animation.

The previous three-dimensional technology is based on 2D technology, so although you can view three-dimensional images, but the actual effect of poor, but also with a sense of vertigo. Our products are added in 3D content creation on the corresponding three-dimensional, so to achieve a more realistic practical results. In particular, companies such as Disney Hollywood 3D stereo to enhance the content of the current production, so we are very optimistic about the market.

HC Editor: The technology used in Korea and other countries, the situation

President Kim: Mobile phones in South Korea and LG Electronics products developed with 3D stereo phones. Present sample has completed the development of mobile phones through the second half of this year after FieldTest officially listed. Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics will launch in the first half of 3D stereoscopic technology, mobile phone applications.

MP4 and PMP with digital entertainment products such as mobile, will be in May by my own production company. In this regard, UMPC (portable computers: a notebook smaller than existing) from our own production, and China is seeking agents to sell. PDA, game console, which wanted to look for joint venture in China to develop.

Japan, working with multinational enterprises LCD – Hitachi mobile phones and game consoles in terms of supply of LCD issues. Digital Theater

stereoscopic display system, in Hollywood during the last Christmas “Christmas nightmare” release together to build digital cinema in Korea CJ 8 devices (screen 8). And Hong Kong this year to discuss aspects of digital theaters. This machine has the world’s only two U.S. companies and our production, but our price advantage is obvious (one-half of U.S. equipment), but also through the production company presentation, product performance also proved to be very good, and therefore have a good market prospects.

HC Editor: Your outlook on how the Chinese market?

President Kim: China is not only the most recent years the fastest growing economies in the world countries, but also in consumption levels, capacity to adapt to new technologies develop quickly. So although this is in the United States and South Korea were just becoming popular new technology, but certainly in the near future has been popularized in China.

Particularly competitive mobile phone market, it is an important additional function (value-added services), will be favorable for consumers.

In films in 2007, several world famous companies will be the last box of regular film re-made into 3D re-release the film. The United States nearly 200 3D Digital Cinema has installed equipment to prepare three-dimensional projection shown, South Korea and Japan to begin preparations. The Chinese government recently attention to the popularization of digital theater work, so I believe the second half of this year will be very active in the relevant market.

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