Enhance Your Memory Using Easy Memory Techniques

If you think about the persons you know, therell be those who have very strong powers of memory whilst others are more forgetful. In fact, it can be frustrating when talking to a person if your recollection of something seems very different to theirs. The fact that the memory powers of individuals could vary a great deal would suggest that its not just something you inherit but more to do with the techniques you use to remember things. There are actually numerous tips and tricks that you can follow to improve your memory and in this article we are going to explore some of the ways you can improve your memory skills.

A sad fact of the lifestyle of the West is that our imaginations are discouraged as we get older. It is no coincidence that as a young child we use our imaginations as a means to learn new things and quickly remember them. It is possible to tap into this at whatever age you are and visualization may be used to help you memorize things in all areas of your life. To illustrate, if a person tells you their street address and you try to remember it a little later, you may start to question if you have the street number correct or any of the other information. But things might be different if rather than trying to file away a number in your head you were visualizing that number as a part of a pulsating windows display.

Our emotions and senses likewise play a big role in our memories and you can likely think of odors and music that take you back clearly to a moment in your life. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people use music or other things that please the senses as memory aids. To illustrate, if you are attempting to learn new stuff, you might want to try absorbing the information while playing a piece of music you like in the background. So if you find yourself struggling to find some simple ways to enhance your memory, give music a chance.

The more you look at the same information, the better the odds that you will remember one of the times that youve gone over that information. In these situations you can easily switch off when introduced to someone as you are thinking ahead to what youll say and it is almost like you havent heard the name. If you get into the habit of repeating the name back to your new friend when introducing yourself, this instantly puts a more powerful link in your own mind. You wont just remember the persons name better, but youre going to be much more likely to recall meeting that individual.

Try just a number of these simple techniques to improve your memory and youre going to soon want to learn more of them.

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