Home Based Job: You Need a Mentor

by Stephen Okoronkwo

To mentor and be mentored is a wise business strategy in internet affiliate marketing. To mentor is an act of helping somebody achieve a particular goal. A very important goal to the individual being mentored. Mentoring can also be defined as the offer of assistance in a subtle manner such that the recipient will appreciate and value them and which will give the recipient the energy to move on with confidence towards their goals.

Mentoring has to do with creating an informal relationship through which one person can feel encouraged to put forward his problem openly and in confidence with the person who is in a position to be of immense help to him.

By having a mentor, you expose yourself to knowledge and new opportunities. I am indebted over my internet marketing success to mentors who guided me through the thick and thin of my beginning which is why I cherish mentors in every business relationship. There is much to learn from just about anyone and at the same time, some people have been kind enough to take me beyond what I was expecting to learn from them.

Mentoring can be seen from different standpoint. In some circumstances, a member of an organization is giving the task of taking a new staff through the ropes or it can take the form of a conversation(s) that took place at the start of an individual’s career. In each situation, the mentor avails support, direction, and serves as a role model for the mentee. These relationships can be ongoing, irregular, or of very short duration; however, these interactions have a lasting impact on the future direction and decisions of the person been mentored. Many times these interactions provide a path for the success or failure of the inexperienced individual.

Mentoring in business which ca be online or offline is the same and it has its has existed since time immemorial. It is one of the best and advisable ways of learning a trade or skill so as to be successful. It’s a great step towards success especially for those who want to put up an internet business quickly and affordably.

A large number of internet marketing beginners know nothing about marketing. In actual fact, 97% of these set of people are grossly inexperienced and are soon out of business than they think. Becoming successful in internet home based jobs will not happen overnight; the rudiments must be learned and clearly understood. It is possible to get information from e-books and content filled websites but having a mentor gives you a clear edge over other co-starters.

An online marketing mentor is someone with proven records of accomplishments over time. He must have the capacity and ability to guide you through the very beginning until you can walk your way through. An online mentor is someone who can spell things out for you. There was a time when the field of online affiliate marketing was wide open, but this is in many ways no longer the case. There are now guidelines, and specified ways that things are done, and this is not a bad thing. This can make your path to making a living as an affiliate marketing a lot better over all, and an online mentor is essentially a professional who can show you how it is done.

A good mentor can be your adviser, coach, teacher, role model and probably your friend. Expert affiliate mentoring can mean the difference between succeeding and failing for an affiliate. keep it on your mind that there is no need to feel as though you are lost in a sea of information. Affiliate marketing is something that can be made more interesting with the help of an experienced mentor.

Finally, you have to be careful when selecting a mentor. Remember that it is not everybody that succeed especially in home based business that actually have what it takes to mentor. They may have succeeded using illegal ways. It is advisable to go through the tough internet marketing terrain alone rather than with an impostor clad in mentorship. What worked for them may ruin your business and remember not to trade your integrity for anything. Good luck!

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