Emergency Room Transcription Services – Get Accurate Reports

The demand for emergency room medical transcription service is increasing by the day. It is vital that medical facilities have accurate reports of patient details and treatment procedures for future reference. Most time-strapped hospitals and emergency centers now prefer the emergency room transcription service offered by reliable outsourcing companies as it can imply huge savings in their cost and effort as well as allow them to get accurate reports.

Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription Service for Emergency Rooms

Outsourcing emergency room transcription tasks to a reliable company can help healthcare providers maintain well organized patient records and focus better on patient care and service. Busy hospitals and medical practices find it difficult to transcribe and document physician instructions on important matters such as diagnosis, treatment procedures, and other occurrences in the emergency room. Outsourcing the transcription of the emergency room record is the ideal solution. The right medical transcription company can help healthcare providers save up to 40% on their transcription cost.

An established transcription company guarantees maximum accuracy for emergency room medical transcripts with the help of

  • Digital recorders and toll free dictation which allows convenient and flexible dictation facilities
  • Scanning of all documents using electronic medical dictionaries
  • Three levels of quality assurance
  • Document flow management software which allows the client to track, correct and edit the files
  • 24-hour client support service

Turnaround time is vital for emergency room transcription service and it can be customized according to the requirements of the physicians. The transcribed files are verified, proofread and corrected by professionally skilled transcriptionists, providing for high quality, 99% accurate transcription within custom turnaround time. A HIPAA-complaint medical transcription service provider takes every measure to ensure the confidentiality of patient information through file transfer via FTP and browser-based 256 bit AES encryption protocol.

Associate with a Dependable Medical Transcription Company

An established service provider would be focused on client satisfaction. Outsourcing emergency room medical transcription therefore assures accurate medical records, including history and physical reports, clinic notes, consultation notes, discharge summaries – all made available in the right time.

A reliable medical transcription company

  • Help medical facilities save on overhead
  • Save time by improving efficiency
  • Provide high quality, error-free records in the standard format
  • Ensure timely documentation
  • Provide HIPAA-complaint medical transcription service
  • Competitive pricing

Make sure that the company you associate with is dependable. This can be easily determined by utilizing the Free Trial service that some firms offer. Due regard for all these factors can help you get emergency room transcription services that ensure accurate reports.

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