Canadian Community College – An Option Worth Considering

The concept of community college was developed with the sole aim of offering students job-focused, practical training that was both affordable and would hold up in the workforce. Although community colleges were first founded in the United States, it didn’t take long for them to reach Canada. There by, giving students who may have opted out of university due to its costs, a chance at continuing their education. The concept of community college also proved to be beneficial to those students who held part-time jobs due to its flexibility in scheduling. Lastly, the education provided at community colleges came with smaller classroom sizes, hands-on training and, in a lot of cases, field placement experience. These were just three of the factors that helped community colleges to take off in popularity. Let’s examine some of them closely.

The small sizes of classes at community colleges make professors easily approachable and accessible. This learning environment gives students get a chance to approach professors for help with solving problems, getting additional study assistance and individual attention. This small/limited group of professors and students also makes it easy to socialize. Students form study groups and collaborate on projects. These connections with faculty members and other students may turn into recommendations and open up a host of opportunities. In addition, community colleges do a great job at instilling practical training in students. Not only do community college students learn theory, they also work on projects, simulated real-life scenarios, in labs and in the community itself.

These types of colleges offer a variety of affordable vocational programs that range throughout all the areas of the Canadian industry and are equivalent to what universities offer. They also range in length from a few semesters to a few years. With the affordable aspect of a community college education, students take out less student loans, spend less money on accommodation (as many stay home during their studies), while receiving an education that is similar to that of university students.

Established in 1966, Centennial College was the first community college in Ontario. Known across Canada for its rich history, the school has four campus locations across the east end of the Great Toronto area and seven satellite locations. Centennial College also has a great reputation for its highly career-focused programs. The areas in which this particular college offers programs include: Business, Community and Health Studies, Technology and Applied Science, Hospitality Tourism and Culture as well as Communications, Media and Design. The wide range of offerings makes Centennial College an ideal post-secondary institution for students looking to turn an interest into an employable skill set.

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