Custom LASIK – The Most Preferred Eye Surgery

by Carter James

Today?s technological advancements have contributed a lot to the field of medicine. One of the areas that has benefited a lot through these improvements is Opthalmology. LASIK eye surgery is one of the latest laser assisted treatment methods used today to treat vision related problems. The acronym LASIK is from Laser Assisted in situ Keratomileusis. There are different types of eye surgery performed today and one of the types is custom LASIK. Custom LASIK is also commonly known as wavefront LASIK.

Not every one is suitable to undergo the Custom procedure of LASIK eye surgery. Food and Drug Administration has stringent guidelines on who should be considered for this type of treatment. Only those who qualify these stipulations will be given custom LASIK treatment.

Not all forms of eye problems can be treated by Custom LASIK procedure. There are certain problems which can be effectively treated using this method of eye surgery. Some of the common problems that can be treated using this procedure include myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia.

Custom LASIK uses wavefront device for the diagnosis of the corneal faults. Using the wavefront device a 3D map is created to help the surgeon to decide the course of the surgery. Lot of people prefer LASIK eye surgery as the post operative problems are relatively lesser than the other forms.

LASIK eye surgery is an elaborate procedure that involves many steps. The patient has to be prepared well in advance for the surgery. The first step is to stop the usage of hard or soft contact lenses the patient may be using at least one week before the custom LASIK surgery. The preparatory stage also includes measurement of the thickness of the cornea using topography this will allow the physician to learn about the aberrations in the cornea and decide the treatment accordingly. In this stage, the candidate for surgery also should take antibiotics as a protection against any possible infection.

During the Custom LASIK surgery the patient is kept in conscious state and only mild form of local anesthesia is administered. During the LASIK eye surgery a flap is created in the cornea. The flap created is held back while the surgeon restructures the tissues underneath the flap. Surgical laser rays are used for the operation.

The flap is placed back in original position after the remodeling of the cornea. The flap when placed back in position will heal naturally without any special medication to heal. There are very few side effects of custom LASIK procedure among the other forms of eye surgery procedures.

At the completion of the LASIK eye surgery the patient has to take all possible preventive measures so as to avoid any possible infections of the eye. Though Custom LASIK procedure has very little post operative risks, usual care is given like any other form of eye surgery. The patients are given special dark glasses after the Custom LASIK procedure to prevent the exposure to bright light that will hinder the healing process.

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