Self-help traveling?

I’m fond of traveling. If I have enough money I would like to travel around all over the world lonely and take thousands photos and remember all important things.

So you can see, I am crazy about self-help traveling. In my views, when it comes to the danger which we may face I would rather to think it as a kind of necessary challenge and important experience. Compared with the negative effects, I prefer to focus on the tremendous aspects which we can get from self-help traveling, such as self-help traveling will make me more and more dependent for everything have to depend on myself, it also can teach me the essence of solitude and how to defeat the solitude, the most important is that my ability will be improved and I will become stronger. Maybe self -help traveling is a good import for me to step into society. That is, it can give me a good opportunity to adapt to the complicated society earlier.

On the other hand, self-help traveling is a excellent choice because you can learn a lot. I think that we need more thinking when we are traveling. You not only need to see representational beauty but also should consider it’s inherent meaning and fell it’s beauty by your heart. For example, when you see some sites, you will be moved by history if you realize its meaning.

Go! Self-help traveling will be a most important part in your life if you are enough brave and self-confident.

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