Snowmobiling above Aspen

Snowmobiling above Aspen, Colorado in March 2012, we almost didn’t make it. The season for riding snow was slight in comparison to previous years. Last year 2011 was a great year for snow in Colorado. We had epic powder days that could leave you gasping and wanting more and more. This year you were lucky to get a fresh powder day in. The snow that did come seemed to be on the weekdays and then weekends seemed to be cold and icy.
Snowmobiling this year seemed like it might not be a possibility with high Avalanche warnings in the backcountry. This was a bummer to think that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the sheer power of the Polaris Dragons. These machines are unbelievable in the amount of torque that they have on the low end. It is completely amazing how fast the low end torque will just about yank you off of the sled if you are not careful.
When you are cranking MPH in the snow you somehow feel a bit safer. Like if you fell of the sled at 60mph in the snow it’s somehow not going to hurt. For the most part if you stay within your limit’s you should be ok.
I never really feel the need to go beyond my limits. I like to push it just a tad over sometimes but for the most part I don’t want to break anything else. I have tested the limits of my bones with several of them. Left radius and ulna, right collar bone, left scaphoid, right 2nd metacarpal bone, right patella. That’s enough breaks for me and I don’t want to go beyond my abilities.
I have gone over the handlebars once on the sled and that was warning enough.
This year was much milder. We had been warned by the locals to be extremely careful about the sugar snow that was the base of much of the mountain. We definitely found that although you could carve out the snow, you had to keep your momentum so that you could stay on the top layer of snow.
That top layer was about a little more than a foot deep but under that was the super super fine sugar snow. Not a good layer at all for the base to be for a big heavy sled. This meant that the whole day was spent riding and now I am pooped.
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