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The Ray-Ban sunglasses are famous for its unique collections that include the Aviator and the Wayfarer sunglasses. Both of these collections are well-accepted across the world. The former one can be worn both by the men as well as the women because they are specially designed by taking into view both the genders while the later one is designed distinctively for the men and the women. However, many women also wear the shades designed for men as they feel that it made them look vivacious and smart.

This article concentrates completely on the later one, that is the wayfarer sunglasses. These shades have gained popularity in the era of 1980s. At that time, numerous celebrities were seen wearing these sunglasses. Even, these shades were used in various movies by the actors and actresses that was the foremost reason behind its popularity. After getting recognized across the world, the Ray-Ban company creates the different designs and colors of sunglasses and launch new releases every now and then for its customers.

The lenses of these shades are made from the ultra clear polarized lenses while the frames are made from metal or plastic with the trapezoidal shape. Both men and women love to wear these shades because of the great features of these shades. These shades give the retro and elegant looks. Therefore, various musicians and singers also wear these sunglasses, the recent example can be seen in the music video of singer Katy Perry. You can wear these sunglasses anywhere during the daylight. For example, you can wear it while going out for the shopping, or, at the beach, or, during some party events.

You can wear any type of dress with these wayfarer shades as these sunglasses suits on every dress form like you can wear matching or contrast color dress according to the color of your sunglasses. These shades are also available in the foldable collection, thus, you can also buy the foldable pair from the collection, if you found difficulty in handling the shades. With the foldable shades, you can fold the shades and keep in your bag whenever you don’t require it.

These days, various online stores are also selling the sunglasses inspired by the Ray-Ban. These shops also have the Eyewear collection that can be used by the people who wear spectacles. Thus, it’s a good news for all the people who wear spectacles because now, they can also make them more stylish by wearing the different colors of eyewears. You can buy all these shades from the sunglasses stores over the internet.

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