What is Gimp? The free Photoshop program for editing images!

Do you use the internet to market your own business, idea or hobby? If you do you will probably want a tech savvy media guru that will instantly make you your images to use on blogs and websites that you post on and add content too. Paying an media Guru can be expensive! The leaders in the industry no doubt have a vast array of ADOBE products at their disposal like photoshop you no doubt have heard of somewhere by now. Photoshop is an expensive professional tool for image editing and manipulating.
So What is Gimp you ask? It is the free Photoshop. That is what you will read about and see many excellent web video tutorials that take the reading of learning media skills and changes the whole game while you practice alongside your web tutorial. Do a youtube search for Gimp tutorials and you will find a plethora of things that you can do with this amazing free program.
I have used it with great success and delight with compliments to things I’ve done people have mentioned to me. I surely want to thank Spencer Kimball, Peter Mattis and the GIMP Development Team. What an awesome tool to have at our fingertips and I can’t thank them enough.
I don’t claim to have any great work or even mediocre at best. I just want to share with people how useful this free program is and how it’s users have pushed it’s possibilities to the limits with very helpful and well done free tutorials.
What is Gimp? It is an excellent tool that will help you easily manipulate images and media for use in your flyers, websites, social media and so many more applications that the sky is truly the limit. I have used it many times and even have made a tutorial thanks to the knowledge I have learned from it. You can see the video here.
Gimp the free photoshop has helped me countless times and one of the functions that you will you time and time again is the layers ability that Gimp has. That function alone and its ease of use is worth learning the program for. Just search for a gimp tutorial with layers and you will easily learn how to use this amazing tool.
I use Gimp now primarily for my internet business that involves Protandim. It is an amazing supplement of 5 herbs that is patented and proven to lower your Oxidative stress dramatically. Gimp has helped me use images that I want to edit and alter to easily manipulate these files for easy use on my blog. Get Gimp as a free download and use the free tutorials to get going.
Protandim has helped me stay up late and learn these tutorials so that I can spread the news about this amazing Nrf2 activator that turns on your cell’s ability to make trillions of copies of age fighting chemicals that enhance your DNA!
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