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This article will show you the step by step process to getting Protandim and True Science at the wholesale pricing of $40. If you haven’t heard about Protandim yet, you surely will.

Protandim is a patented peer reviewed product that is published on the National Institute of Health. It is millions of times more active than the antioxidant supplements that we normally consume. While antioxidants are able to eliminate free radicals at a rate of 1 free radical to one antioxidant molecule. At a one to one ratio direct antioxidants like those found in blueberries, acai, goji berry and many others they are helpful but in no way able to realistically combat the damages of Oxidative stress.

Protandim works in an totally different way!

Protandim’s blend of 5 herbs are used as a Nrf2 activator and that means that they turn on the trillions of cells in your body to make powerful antioxidant enzymes which are able to gobble up 1 million free radicals a second indefinitely while they are in your bloodstream. This means real protection from the 30000000000,000,000,000,000 free radicals produced on a daily average for a healthy person.

So get some Protandim at Wholesale Pricing today and start changing your health for the better. Here are the steps to do that quick and easily with the screen shots of where to go.

Start at the affiliate link that the person who told you about Protandim has. If you don’t have that person then welcome to Protandim! You can get started straight from my affiliate link and I will completely help you through this process.

So go to the affiliate site, it should look like this.

click here to get Protandim today

Then choose the Preferred Customer option to get the wholesale pricing. (there is a tutorial on how to become a distributor and get the wholesale pricing here.)

Get Protandim today

Enter your personal information. *** Note that when you choose the Enroll Option instead of buy now you get a password to the website where you can go in and change your order. If you only choose the buy option they you will not be given a password and have to call customer service to change your order.***

Get Protandim today?

Enter your address, and agree to the LifeVantage terms of Service

Get Protandim today

After this, choose your initial order for what you want sent out for the first month of your use. ***When choosing the shipping method, I have found that it is about a dollar cheaper to use the UMI shipping method instead of UPS if it is just one bottle of Protandim meaning the weight changes with other products. UPS will be insured to get to your door and UMI will not.

The next step will ask you what you want shipped out on an auto-ship for the following month.

Get Protandim and True Science today!

Confirm your credit card and your order will be submitted! You are done, the product will be shipped.

If you have any other questions about Protandim at wholesale pricing or want testimonials please contact me today.

If you have any questions please contact me directly. Watch this 11 minute video that changed my life and contact me today!
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