Protandim Scam???

Protandim could be a scam, it could be. You should always do your due diligence and research any product.
We have been approached from all angles of marketing about how we need to take care of ourselves. We have been shown antioxidants in all kinds of products, soap, soda, tea, pills and the like. The problem is that Dr. Joe McCord and others of the scientific community agree that there is an “Antioxidant Myth”.
There is a big disappointment in medicine with supplementing in Vitamin A, C, and D in the value of their oxidative stress component. An active person that is healthy cannot eat the amount of antioxidants to remove the amount of free radicals produced on a daily basis. On a daily basis we produce over 300 sextillion free radicals per day.
Indirect antioxidant enzymes like superoxide dismutase are called catalytic enzymes and can react with one million free radicals per second and not be consumed in the chemical reaction. The beauty is that we have the ability to make these types of enzymes with the right activation. The Nrf2 pathway that is an activation of your dna in your cells. By up-regulating the Nrf2 pathway we can tell the body to make chemicals like it had when you were still in your growing phase.
Up until you are about 20 years old in a healthy person, you are still growing. The chemistry that you have in your bloodstream and are producing daily is able to combat the damages of our environment and our normal metabolism that builds up the exhaust known as oxidative stress producing the free radicals.
So if you think Protandim is a scam. You need to start with digging into the antioxidant myth. The basic idea is that you can’t remove the free radicals at a 1:1 ratio like a direct antioxidant can do to deal with the amount we produce daily.
What makes more sense is to tell the trillions of cells that you have in your body to start making chemicals like the antioxidant enzymes. These are able to gobble up 1 million free radicals per second, every second, while your bloodstream is teaming with chemistry that can fight the oxidative stress damages in a realistic way.
So looking deeper if Protandim is a scam let’s look at the science. If you research the National institute of Health at you can see that there are 99 thousand articles written on the link of Oxidative stress causing some sort of disease.
Protandim’s original patent showed that it could reduce oxidative stress on all mammals that take this product. In fact if you research Protandim on that site you will find 10 published peer reviewed studies.
If you can find a proprietary blend of herbs or whatever supplement you are taking at the National institute of health that is a good thing. That means that there is peer reviewed science behind that product and it has been reviewed by the scientific community.
I urge you to look into Protandim. If Protandim was a scam you have to ask yourself. Why would the American Heart Association spend 11.5 million dollars to study and publish positive effects? To me that is a very legitimate place to start your research at.
Please contact me today with your other questions. I look forward to speaking with you about what an amazing Product this is. I am looking for people to help me spread the word about this amazing Product. Work with me and we will become new best friends and spread the word in an amazingly effective way.
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