Solar flares affecting your moods.

Are the current Solar Flares affecting your mood?
These days there are so many things to look at and to think about. It’s been said that the current solar flares could affect moods among many other things. It is interesting to think that there could be such an affect.
They say it could be as easy as a major burst of energy from the sun and we all have major changes in the way we feel and act and think. How could this be. Well I for one think that if when the moon changes phases from new to full moon and it changes waves around the world. It might be easy to see why this could happen.
The sun has been worshiped for centuries around the world and it is easy to understand why this might be. If there were no sun, the world we live in could not exist. Without photosynthesis to grow food through plants and farming, agriculture we would be in a world of hurt. All livestock and humans need something to eat and without the ability for plants to get energy by converting energy from light this process of survival throughout the ages would have been lost.
I know when I have been camping and freezing in a cold sleeping bag. I have prayed for the sun to rise quicker so that I could at least gain some warmth from there. It is no fun hanging around in the early morning hours of your tent waiting for the sun to come out as the frost build upon your tent. This might mean your camping too early in the season or you are a crazy snow camper.
But I digress. The Solar flares are supposed to have made energy come hurling towards the planet and affected our moods. Depression was one of the things mentioned that you could feel by these solar flares. Really? So your saying that a solar flare can make me depressed. I guess if it can make energetic waves moves it’s possible.
So if you think Solar flares are making you feeling depressed , what can you do? Well have you heard of Protandim? It is a powerful tool that is considered to be a major player in the anti-aging category. It has the ability to activate what’s called Nrf2. Or as Dr. Joe McCord would has said. This is not a minor change to your DNA it is Major Tweak to 3000 of your survival genes.
I have been using Protandim for several months now and have been impressed with my friends testimonials about what it can do for you. It is impressive to have people that you trust tell you that they have had a major attitude adjustment after taking Protandim for a short time. Protandim for depression could be a natural answer to the dangerous alternative of prescription medicines that can cause so many negative side effects.
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