Snapgiant: Giving Small Businesses An Edge Through Engaging SMS Marketing Solutions

Do you own a restaurant or any other small business? Are you trying to gain maximum traction from your customers? Then here’s what you need: SnapGiant’s cost-effective yet impactful SMS marketing solutions that will help you connect with your consumers like never before.

Mobile marketing, or more specifically SMS marketing, started gaining impetus during the early 2000s in Europe and large parts of Asia. Over the last few years it has become a powerful advertising channel for companies, big and small. And with the rise in adoption of text message marketing by brands, companies providing SMS mobile advertising solutions also started appearing.

SnapGiant also offers SMS text message marketing services to small businesses that are price sensitive. What sets them apart is their focus on connecting small businesses with their existing and prospective customers. For example, SnapGiant offers a 30-day free trial with 100 free message credits. Add to that a range of subscription options for a business to choose from. As the volume of messages to be sent increases, the cost for individual text ads will start decreasing. Some of their other crucial features include free incoming messages, no monthly minimum ads to purchase, live customer support, many resources and more! Their service support level is also exceptional with an experienced staff addressing the needs and requirements of businesses across the board.

SnapGiant also has helpful tutorials and webinars that get regularly updated with videos exploring practical ways to build a brand with a mobile marketing campaign. They also provide you with a contacts database, real-time analytics, printable graphics, posters and displays making them a comprehensive solutions provider. SnapGiant also helps businesses penetrate multiple industries with their reliable service and cost-effective mobile marketing services. Be it a restaurant that wants to advertise their lunch and drink specials, or a department store that wants to boost sales on slow days, or a rock band that wishes to invite listeners to its next gig, SnapGiant helps attract customers via SMS.

SnapGiant is indeed a guiding force for businesses that wish to create a foothold in their respective industries. In this time of cutthroat competition in mainstream advertising among businesses, SMS advertising is an ally for small businesses that are relatively new in the industry.

For a fast, flexible and effective marketing impact, visit today. You will find a lot of information about SMS marketing and a lot of resources about small business marketing, mobile marketing tips, text marketing ideas, SMS marketing platform and much more.

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