Wind Wide (HK) Limited – Research Confirms VAWT “Wake Recovery” Advantages

(1888PressRelease) – Wind Wide (HK) Limited: Newly concluded research shows that mounting VAWT floating turbines closely together can generate more power from smaller area.

Hong Kong-based floating wind power generation pioneer, Wind Wide (HK) Limited has confirmed that a recent white paper has concluded that wake interference caused by mounting Floating Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (FVAWTs) in close proximity to each other is far lower than for their more ubiquitous Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) counterparts.

“To the uninitiated, this information might seem unimportant but to us at the very vanguard of developing this technology, it represents further proof that the VAWT has an insurmountable advantage over the propeller-type wind turbines that are stationed on land and in offshore wind farms around the world,” said Wind Wide (HK) Limited’s Chief Technology Officer.

The white paper published by a researcher from the United Kingdom’s University of Manchester used cutting edge simulation techniques to conclude that 25 VAWT turbines placed in rows were capable of producing power density of 19MW/km2 compared with just 2.65MW/km2 for an identical number of HAWT turbines. This effectively confirmed that VAWT wind farms could produce more power from smaller areas and therefore avoid future wind farms potentially encroaching on eco conservation areas, a concern many countries have expressed.

“We believe these findings make the use case for VAWTs even more compelling than they already were and we hope to feature them in our value proposition for customers and developers going forward,” said Wind Wide (HK) Limited’s Chief Technology Officer.

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